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Xen's AlphaMod script

Sep 16, 2014, 05:02
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Xen's AlphaMod script
Hiya, some of you have already seen it. Some time ago I started working on some "alpha" channel manipulation routines. Because I thought GIMP could not provide an accurate enough transformation.

Recently I started working on the idea of having my own RGB to HSL routines. And then experimenting and designing and developing my own harmonic and harmonious image processing routines that respect what I consider to be harmonic relations between colours.

The first "releasy" version 0.1 is now available for checking out :p.

I started this two days ago on 12 September. I think it's pretty sweet already although it doesn't do anything useful at this point :D.

The GUI for it is at at the moment.

The xi-lib.php script itself is at

Play around if you wish! Or study it for the calculations or the PHP. Everything is well documented at this point. The GUI doesn't take an image parameter at this point, it is still fixed.

Strangely enough, the PHP execution can take between like 2 seconds and 30 seconds, without changing anything, for the picture loaded.

Next thing I'll do is probably write my brightness-to-alpha routine. I'll likely combine the old alpha with the new alpha using θ = α + β(1-α), or have a mode for that. This means the resulting alpha (in [0, 1]) would always be higher than any of the two compositing alphas.

Have fun, and comment back, if you've seen anything.

I would suggest you try this link to see what alpha scaling can do to a GIMP colour-to-alpha image.
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