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What happened to version 2.6?

Jan 5, 2011, 03:05
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Sad What happened to version 2.6?
I just upgraded to version 2.6 from version 2.2. I needed to fit text to a curve (path) and I noticed it was available in the newer version so I installed it...

What in the world did they do to the poor Gimp in this version? It seems to be riddled with all sorts of bugs that were definitely not there in version 2.2.

A couple of the most annoying are:

I can no longer select a node and press the delete button to remove it. I now have to remember that Ctrl-Shift with a Left Click is the only valid way to remove nodes now. If I, out of habit, press the delete key it wipes the whole layer... nice.

When I stroke paths it seems to intermittently deny me the ability to change the brush type. I select airbrush repeatedly and it keeps reverting to the previous selected brush. To make it snap out of the bizarre behavior I have to select some third type of brush (usually pencil) and it then allows me to stroke with that and then change it to airbrush. Seems to happen a lot when I'm alternating path stroking between airbrush and regular brush.

The new selection resize gadgets are nice, but now the selections behave oddly. Particularly when trying to select and move. If I use the rectangle selector, I have to press Ctrl-Alt to let it know that I want to move the image under the selection as opposed to the selection outline itself. This isn't too bad, and once I have the selection floating I can use the arrow keys to precisely move it around. However, I seem to no longer have the ability to move around floating selections with the arrow keys if I use the freeform selector?

The thing is becoming so aggravating to use that I can barely stand it. I'm about ready to toss out 2.6 and go back to 2.2 and just forget about fitting text to curves.

Does anyone know if these things are being addressed in the new version? I was at least glad to hear they're going to finally allow groupings of layers (with any luck paths too!) but I'm so irritated with 2.6 I may live without those features as well. Angry

Sorry about the first post rant, but it's wearing heavy on my nerves right now...
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