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Very annoying rendering problems

Jan 30, 2011, 21:55
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Very annoying rendering problems
A lot of times when I'm rendering something using the Paths Tool, when I'm done and click "Selection from Path", it won't connect all the way; the paths will split off and go every which way. This is usually because somehow the Paths Tool didn't connect some anchors I told it to, and so at that point it will create a path somewhere else, cutting across the image. I am usually able to fix this by just going back and connecting the two anchors, however sometimes it doesn't let me do that.

Here is an screen-shot of an image I'm rendering that gave me this problem. I highlighted the problem with red lines.

[Image: 2lx8ill.png]
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Jan 30, 2011, 23:17 (This post was last modified: Jan 30, 2011 23:18 by NJ~Mike.)
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RE: Very annoying rendering problems
(Jan 30, 2011 23:06)ofnuts Wrote:  Maybe deleting the culprit anchor is enough. In any case when I work a path for a selection I do it piece-wise:
- make a first run of two dozen points and close the path
- make selection and save selection to channel
- shift-click a new point, work on a another 20 point or so and close the path (this should enlarge the existing selection)
- make selection and save to channel
... etc...

You can also make distinct path and selections (ie avoid the shift-click on a new path) and save them all to channels, and then use Channel/Add to selection to generate a final selection. The advantage is that you can redo part of the selection later.

The other advantage of working piecewise like this is that you can use different strategies to clip different parts: manual path, intelligent scissors, wand, freehand, quickmask

...Yeah, I didn't get any of that. Sorry I didn't say this earlier, but although I've had GIMP for a very long time and use it quite often, I still barely know how to use it, like I know almost none of its terminology, don't really know what a lot of its tools do, etc.
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