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Nov 26, 2011, 04:23
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I want to make a frame or border then be able resize it in different applications. In other words save it as a vector.
Thanks, I hope I made myself clear.
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Nov 26, 2011, 10:59
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RE: vector
Vectors/Paths can be imported/exported as SVG files (right-click menu in the Paths dialog) so basically this is doable.

  • This means that your frame/border is restricted to simple stuff: lines, filling inside lines (you can fill with uniform colors, gradients, or patters) or anything you can do with a selection from these lines.
  • If you can scale it at will, you may have problems in the corners because there are cases where you will change the aspect ratio.
This can be alleviated by having two paths: one for corners and one for borders. To produce a new frame you would:
  • Import the two paths
  • Scale them together to fit the picture
  • Render them (stroke/fill...) to produce corner and side "tiles"
  • Rotate/copy to clipboard the side tile, and use the "clipboard' brush to draw the sides, then duplicate/rotate/move the corner tile to produce the 4 corners.
If your resizing requirement is only on the distance between corners and not on the border thickness, you can also use bitmap images that you save in an XCF. Load the file using "File/Open as layers" and use them as corner/side tiles. You can even have 8 different images for the 4 corners and 4 sides.

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