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Sep 9, 2011, 15:32
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Hi all

Hope someone can help me with units of measurement.

I've been trying to change GIMP's default real-world unit of measurement to mm - for over a year now. I get annoyed with the inches, try, fail to find any setting, look up online and in the manual, and eventually just give up and use Excel to do (inches*25.4).

I'm talking about the Image Properties dialog. This shows dimensions in inches, and it seems there's nothing I can do about it.

I thought I'd get round this by showing the mm x mm dimensions in the Title Bar (or status bar). No joy. I add the format code %Wx%H to the Titlebar Format (Preferences/Image Windows/Title and Status) - and just get the pixel dimension repeated! (According to the docs, the pixel dimension is the lower-case %w and %h).

This has really got me confused, and it's an obstacle as a lot of the images I do have to fit on specific paper sizes (which, in spite of being in the UK, I only know well as mm dimensions).

any ideas? Thanks!

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Sep 11, 2011, 09:09 (This post was last modified: Sep 11, 2011 10:03 by paynekj.)
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RE: Units
At the moment I cant see any way to set the default units, but my Image properties window displays the Print size in mm
This may be because my PC (Windows XP) thinks it's in the UK (which it is) and it appears that Gimp decides what the default unit is based on the users locale (see PDB function gimp-get-default-unit).

It also appears that individual images can have their units set, so it might be that your images are getting a unit set externally. Are you scanning your source images?

I can also get the title to display mm using %W %H %u BUT it requires me to set the image units to mm on the image window (point 7 on the help page):
Where it does say the default units are pixels.

As ofnuts says it might be worth submitting a bug report that you want to be able to set your default units.
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