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Two Issues with Gimp

Apr 29, 2012, 12:42
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Two Issues with Gimp
Hello everyone. I didn't see a trouble shooting board so I thought this may be the correct place as, chances are, my problem is due to me not being especially clever. Angel

Problem 1: When I start up GIMP, my toolbar and my layers/channels/paths/etc box is there. However, when opening a native file that I've previously worked on, the layers do not show up. The layers tab is there, just no layers. I have to close out the dialog and reopen it to make it function correctly. Is this a common problem to this program and is there a fix?

Problem 2: When using fuzzy select, I often find I cannot select anything unless I hold the shift key as well. I know you can make additional selections by holding the shift key but on occasion, I need to hold it to even make my first selection. Have I mucked up some setting or is this a problem with a fix?

Relevant info: I'm using GIMP 2.6.12 on Windows Vista x64, any additional information will be gladly offered.

Thanks so much for reading my request for help, everyone! I know they're pretty much minor gripes but every little thing you can do to streamline the process helps.
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Apr 29, 2012, 15:42
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RE: Two Issues with Gimp
Heh, well the vista part does suck. It sucked right out of the box and I wasn't a hater before I used it, either.

As for my first problem being a refresh problem, I did try to resize the windows and nothing changed. I can tell you that at the top of the Layers box is a drop down menu with which you can select the group of layers pertaining to the project you wish to view, should you have more than one project open. When I start up a single project, that project is available in the drop down box but for some reason, it doesn't automatically open, even though I've got it set to do so.

For problem 2, it's kind of tricky for me to say because the behavior is not constant. I have been unable to reproduce it reliably. It just happens when it happens and since I'm working on a thousand things at once in GIMP, I never seem to be taking notice of the cursor shape at the time. It's normally my cursor above the wand unless I'm holding shift, when the plus symbol shows up.

The way it behaves when it happens is you see a very brief flicker of that slashed line that outlines your selection. It's as if it works momentarily but then vanishes. I have checked to see if I can 'select none', as though it were just a visual error and nothing is ever selected. When it does this, I can hold shift and make a selection and it seems to vanish at random.

I hate to think I wasted your time by not using the right install of GIMP but I'd have to say probably not, seeing as how I did not manually choose to install the x64 version. I just used the windows installer. I went to help/about to see what version specifically but it doesn't say x86 or x64, just GIMP 2.6.12
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Apr 29, 2012, 18:21 (This post was last modified: Apr 29, 2012 18:22 by JaiGuru.)
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RE: Two Issues with Gimp is where I got mine. I went to, followed the download link on the right hand menu, chose the windows installers by Jernej link, download again.

I will give that tip a try next time I see the strange behavior happening. It probably wont be until tomorrow since I have to work on some sketches tonight.

Thanks again for taking all this time and effort! I appreciate the help.

BTW, what is selection is not visible syndrome? Is this a common oversite by us noobs?
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Apr 29, 2012, 21:01 (This post was last modified: Apr 29, 2012 21:05 by JaiGuru.)
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RE: Two Issues with Gimp
I definitely don't deny these problems may very well just be me not being very clever. Wouldn't be the first time and I'm still pretty new at this.

Here's two screen shots showing the panel I have.

[Image: Screenie2.png]

[Image: Screenie.png]
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