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Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script

Jan 6, 2012, 23:41
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Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script
Hello, I have about 1000 .PNGs i need to process. I've been struggling for days. Gimp and Python are now working nicely. I'm writing a script to do the following. 1.invert the image, 2.blur the image, 3.copy the layer, 4.change blend to multiply, 5.copy layer two more times (also multiply mode), 6. merge visible, 7.resize image.

Eventually I would like to batch this.

As it stands I'm up to number 3. copy the layer

def WireProc(image, drawable) :

pdb.plug_in_gauss(image, drawable, 3, 3, 0)
pdb.gimp_layer_copy(drawable, TRUE)
pdb.gimp_image_add_layer(image, drawable, -1)

.txt  WireProc.txt (Size: 674 bytes / Downloads: 151)

Then I get an error

"Calling error for procedure 'gimp-image-add-layer':
Item 'Background' (2) has already been added to an image "

Sometimes the number in parenthesis is different. Ive tried many things.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Jan 7, 2012, 02:51
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RE: Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script
ofnuts, Thanks for the quick reply. I'll keep at it. I thought that it would be best to keep from defining variables and just work on the currently active object. I'm also still figuring out the best workflow for testing code.

I just want to say that how much I appreciate the time you spend helping others learn. I've already read many of your posts. You and others like you are truly spreading the good one post at a time. Thank you.
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Jan 7, 2012, 17:09
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RE: Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script
I worked late into the night and, thanks to you, I got to the next step. I was able to get through the cleverly placed errors in your code. I'm sure you were just keeping me honest. I wouldn't want the code handed to me. It felt great to work it out.
I've read through some more of your posts. I'm working in the python console one line at a time. In order to get feedback. I'll have to try running from the terminal with the gimp console as you suggest. I have found the Windows command port a bit tricky. Most tutorials are written from the Linux perspective, so It adds yet one more level to the confusion. Though I've been able to slowly muddled through it.
It's very slow going, but you've got me on the right track.

Thanks Again
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Jan 8, 2012, 01:06
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RE: Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script
I'm back with a working script that does all the steps enumerated in my first post (minus one layer copy not needed). It wasn't pretty, it took way too long, but hey, I've learned a lot.

I thought I would explain my process and hopefully get some feedback on some of the issues I ran into.

Firstly, to make sure that everyone is on the same page, I'm working in GIMP 2.6.11 and Python 2.6.4 (This is what a particular tutorial suggested. I'm sure this could be a whole thread on its own.) and three python companions that all the tutorials I've seen suggest. Anyway, it works.

My workflow was this: I have one file registered so that it shows up in the GIMP menu. Then another file These are opened from the IDLE Python GUI. Then inside the GIMP python-fu console I cut and paste from to the Python-fu console small bits at a time. If it works, I paste it into the final that is accessed through the menu and test it there (If it works in the Python-fu then it always works in the script).

A couple of issues that my newbness ran into:

In the python-fu console some of the code that I saw in tutorials and some that ofnuts so kindly showed me wouldn't work. For instance :


errors like: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'

I ended up solving this by using the PDB (python database browser). and wrote this:

new_layer=image.add_layer(pdb.gimp_layer_copy(layer, True),-1)
pdb.gimp_drawable_set_name(layer, 'copy1')

This code worked in both the python-fu console and the script.
I later surmised that if I used the "not working" code in my finished script it would work. Later I went back to my script and got rid of as much of the pdb. stuff I could.
I"m sure that I was supposed to import something while working in the Python-fu console.

Also Python would not take true or TRUE as an argument. Only True would work. That's an hour I'll never get back.

I'll leave it at that for now. The final script is at the bottom of this post.

Next is to figure out how to batch process.

Thanks again to ofnuts.

BTW this script is to process some wire frame renders that will be composited over a shaded model. the wire is dancing all over the place. They are way too pixelated. This makes them acceptable. It's a must. GIMP to the rescue.

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Jan 8, 2012, 17:34
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RE: Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script
I have come here for help and you are kind enough to give it. I'm afraid my ignorance is showing through. This is, for the most part,my first effort at programming. I'm winging it. In my last post I wanted to share my confusion. I could just ask a question and never come back but I thought it was proper to update my process for anyone interested. Ideally I would take some courses and learn things properly. I don't have that luxury. I have a problem I need to solve. And as unknowledgeable as I am, thanks to you and the vast jumble of resources on the internet, I'm getting it done and learning important skills.

I'm still clueless about why the code worked in the script but not in the Python-fu console. I'll figure it out. From my perspective (confused and over my head) you just keep trying things, Google some more, and try some more things. Using the PDB code worked. I knew from your earlier post that it was less than ideal, but it worked. At 2:00 am, after a day of toil, I found a way. In the end I knew I would try to use better code. Which I did. And of course the "True" issue shouldn't have happened. It simply demonstrates my confusion, which was my intent.

About my finished script. It works but is it correct? One thing I noticed is that there is no need to name the layers since they are merged later. Originally when I was having trouble duplicating the layer I though it might be needed in order to copy the layer. Its not. Also I'm sure I ran into image.scale command somewhere.

Also, does the workflow I'm using make sense?

And then, as far as processing the files, I need to get my nomenclature right. You don't "batch" from within GIMP, noted. I will follow your advise and process from within GIMP if I can. I've collected a lot of examples of batch processing from the command line. I'll Google it.

Lastly, Ofnuts, your "Paths" from CSV looks fantastic. Does Blender have an appropriate export type? Too late for this time. The 1000 or so frames took a week to render. I have to say my fix, though not ideal, does the job well.

In conclusion Ofnuts, I hope in the future I can to discuss Python on a higher level. Until then, if you'll have me, I'm sure I will I will test your patience some more. What your doing here borders on the saintly. Thank you again.
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Jan 9, 2012, 07:04
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RE: Troubles duplicating a layer in a python script
Ofnuts, Ofnuts, Ofnuts,

You've lifted the veil off the code for me to see. So generous of you! And your cleaned up version is PURE POETRY! Concise and modular. I'm sure I can't fully comprehend how great it is. Professional.

I will spend some time studying this. And hopefully tomorrow I will decipher this globbing thing.

BTW full disclosure. I did some Basic in a high school computer course(1984), I pasted together a mel script and I've done some Flash Action scripting tutorials. But honestly most of this is still just gibberish to my eyes.

Mainly I,m into traditional sculpture. Over the past ten years I have fallen in love with 3d modeling and sculpture. So I'm desperately trying to catch up and become fully proficient with the computer. I can't get enough. There is so much bad information out there. People learn something one day and write a half baked tutorial the next. Its hard for the novice to know who to listen to. Its plainly obvious to me that you REALLY know your stuff. Very nice.

Having the code annotated like this makes it very clear. It makes me want to search this sight for more of your annotated code. Of course I understand the value of working through things myself. I truly want to learn. Your help is like gold to me.

Many Thanks.
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