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Tried to write first script

Sep 12, 2014, 18:57
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Tried to write first script
This is continuation thread I do this way because I lost my previous account and I cannot log in into.
Ofnuts I tried understand scripts which I found on the links which you gave me, but (for me) understanding whats really going on in this cripts is like a constantly hitting head into a concrete wall. And still I don't understand what really going on in this scripts. When I tried to change something in your scripts eg. in registration script and tried input own procedure as a test - script won't register in gimp and I must spend a lot of time to understand what's going on or when I tried run tested script in gimp it ends with the error.
Could you prepeared sample scripts to me with comments? Especially I want understand as novice programmer:
1. how to register properly function
2. how to use define function (especially I don't understand how to use parameters in function and how to call this function from outside to do a job and passed to function my parameters - when performing job on photos)
3. How to read function procedure browser (sample of calling any function and using parameters from procedure browser in my script function).

Sorry maybe it's to much for once, but I really need a help.
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Sep 14, 2014, 07:00
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RE: Tried to write first script
Thanks for the reply. I working on Windows 7 x64. In this case some procedures in tutorials, maybe not working for me.

(Sep 13, 2014 21:19)ofnuts Wrote:  I can help, but I cannot write a full book. Let's do it the other way. Let's breaks up the problem in easy steps.
  • If you have never written code, then forget about Gimp scripts, learn to write some code. There are plenty of sites with introductory material.
    I have some experience in programing. I wrote some programs in Clipper, Basic, C++ and C#.
  • If you have never used Python, write some Python code that doesn't use Gimp (you can also use that to learn how to code). There are plenty of sites about Python, including some that will also introduce you to programming.
    It's true. I never used a Python. And thanks for the info - I really don't know where to start.
  • These two steps are not wasting your time. What is wasting your time is banging your head against the walls because you are missing some very basic knowledge.
    I know about it. But I thought than enough was modified written scripts to get it work. Yeah, I know not always work in this way.
  • Gimp for Python is documented here. But it assumes some familiarity with Python.
  • Some techniques to debug Python plugins are described here but this assumes some familiarity with Python

For all the items above, I can answer specific questions...

I haven't now much time to this, because often taking photos to the local theatre group. This photos are taken in dark rooms, when really difficult take good photo without flash. But I tried learn python in your way. When I will have a problem, I asked you.
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Sep 15, 2014, 21:08
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RE: Tried to write first script
For now I assigned hotketys to the interesting me function (in order as I needed). So for now I temporary abandoned learning python, because ac hieved what I need. Instead repearing one photo i 3-4 minutes I done it with 2-3. Result satisfied me.
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