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Toontorial - Converting real photos to cartoons.

Aug 3, 2013, 20:01
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Toontorial - Converting real photos to cartoons.
If I had a nickle everytime a friend asked me to turn a photo into a cartoon... I would have 7 or 8 nickles by now.

There are A LOT of online apps that will convert a photo in to a cartoon. If you are satisfied with the results then you don't need a GIMP tutorial. This is an average example of such a quickie render using a free online service.

[Image: mgmf.png] [Image: vyq4.jpg]

The better method would be to use GIMP. This will give you some personal added touches not found in the online apps. Also there are some sites I noticed that SELL the GIMP for this method alone. How can something free be sold? I won't go into all the legal junk here, but since the GIMP is free, people should just download it and learn from it. For more information you can read this link.

Toontorial by Wendy Black

This tutorial will cover two methods for converting a real photo into a cartoon. The first is the quick and dirty render using a few steps in the artistic filters.

[Image: mgmf.png] [Image: x1bw.png]

1. After you open the photo source in GIMP. Create a duplicate layer (Shift+Crtl+D) in your Layers window you should see the top copy highlighted.

2. This will be our under coat for fill color. From the menu select --> Filters --> Artistic --> Oilify

[Image: 3vzr.png]

3. This is one of those "personal touches" I spoke of, but I set my mask size to 20 and exponent to 10. You can use the preview for a good idea on how this will look.

4. From the Layers window select the base image and duplicate it again. Move the new copy to the top layer and right click. Make sure it has an alpha channel using Add Alpha Channel (grayed out if it exists).

5. Select --> Filters --> Artistic --> Cartoon

[Image: 0nz8.png]

6. Here I set my mask to 15 and percent black to 0.5 (50%). Using the Select by Color Tool (Shift+O) zoom in and click any black area once. All the black should be selected. Invert the selection using Ctrl+I and hit Delete. Only the black remains.

7. Once again, I use Filters --> Artistic --> Oilify and set my mask to 7 and exponent to 3, the exponent will smooth out the black definition lines.

[Image: rg7t.png]

8. At this point there are a lot of black dots on the shirt so I take a few seconds to erase them with the Eraser (Shift+E). Now I can merge the visible layers and export to PNG or Jpeg.

[Image: 65ok.png]

Ok... now for the more time consuming, advanced, and detailed method.

[Image: mgmf.png] [Image: q7s.png]

1. In order to get the black definition lines, I zoom in and pick a spot to start working. Create a transparent top layer to work. This process is slow and tedious but rewarding. I use the Free Select Tool (F) and select dark areas then hit Ctrl+comma to fill in black.

[Image: 622d.png]

[Image:] [Image:]

It took roughly 30 minutes to do the head at this point. Time will vary with the subject and how much definition lines you want in your image.

[Image: 9vrg.png]

2. Once all the definition lines are on the top layer it is time to get the fill colors. Create a new transparent layer between the top and base image. Using the Color Picker Tool (O), check Sample Average box, and turn the radius all the way up to 10 and pick a color to sample.

3. I went with a simple single color tone on the shirt. Using the Free Select Tool (F) in my transparent layer I selected the area of the shirt and used Ctrl+comma to fill.

[Image: du0.png]

4. Using the same process I filled in the skin but I wanted it to be two toned. I selected a slighlty darker color from the skin and using the Select by Color Tool (Shift+O) I clicked and dragged down until I was satisfied with the area selected. I switched back to my color layer and filled the selected area.

[Image: q7s.png]

5. Finally I added colors to the iris, lips, teeth, and tongue. I didn't bother to use Cartoon or Oilify because I kind of like the gaunt angles on the face. It looks better in my opinion.

Well now maybe my friends will stop giving me all these nickles...
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Aug 3, 2013, 21:37
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RE: Toontorial - Converting real photos to cartoons.
(Aug 3, 2013 21:23)ofnuts Wrote:  Very nice....
What? You can't make Mona Lisa in 10 seconds? What a tutorial for losers! Smile
[Image: hellokittyemoticonsad1.gif]
Sadly no, but I have seen it done on an Etch-a-Sketch.

I would love to see the tutorial on that...
1. Right knob 180 degrees clockwise.
2. Left knob 30 degrees counter clockwise.

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Nov 8, 2017, 07:58 (This post was last modified: Nov 8, 2017 07:59 by Bacon23.)
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RE: Toontorial - Converting real photos to cartoons.
Cartoon yourself оr уоur frіеnd uѕіng оur hugе frее design collection!
Cartoon Yourself
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Nov 8, 2017, 16:07
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RE: Toontorial - Converting real photos to cartoons.
Rather pointless positing your link here as this forum has been DEAD for a long time !

Folk have moved to
Please ask there
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