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Things don't work and aren't "there"

Mar 27, 2012, 10:07
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Things don't work and aren't "there"
I am brand new here and very much a Beginner to photography, never mind Gimp .
I have updated my gimp twice now (thinking that perhaps the first update didn't work properly) and still have the following problems:

My screen doesn't look anything like the one they show on the tutorial page Huh.

In my "layers" menu, I don't have a "mode" option (I needed that to do the sharpening with the "unsharp mask" and it said to click on "mode" and then "subtract". I have neither mode, nor subtract :-(. the only "mode" I found was in the "image" menu, but there was no subtract option there, hence I assume this was the wrong "mode". The only subtract option I found was in the transparencies/alpha channels menu (whatever that may be) and it didn't seem to be doing anything for sharpening the image either :-(.

When I use "sharpen" (in the Filters / Enhance submenu), it seems to go through all the right motions (i.e the menu comes up, I can enter what % sharpening, it then shows a green bar running across the bottom and the menu dissapears, but my actual image didn't change Huh

Please could someone help me?

The gimp was installed about 2 years back by my computer techie and I have used it successfully for painting and fixing problem spots, lightening/darkening, changing colours, all those basic things. I have also uploaded a plug-in someone discussed in Flickr which has lots of fun filters and stuff and have played around with that successfully as well - i.e the basic program IS working :-).
I use Windows and Firefox (in case that is important).

I found a reference in another question on this forum to this: Curing his Dunning–Kruger syndrome; but didn't want to go and delete the profile, in case this was a totally different problem.

Thanks for any ideas
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Mar 27, 2012, 11:19
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RE: Things don't work and aren't "there"
Some of these tutorials date back to Gimp 2.2 or 2.4, so the UI can look different fro the one in 2.6 you are using.

The "Mode" selector they are talking about isn't in the Layer menu, but in the Layers list dialog (Ctrl-L):


You don't really need to "substract" if you use the standard "Unsharp mask" filter. Of course, if you are emulating it by hand it's another story.

The effects of sharpening are normally rather subtle. When they are visible they are overdone Smile Post before & after extracts and I'll tell you how well it worked.

Now answering your questions on
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