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The elusive 2 pixels pencil

Jul 24, 2012, 21:39
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RE: The elusive 2 pixels pencil
No,this #15.
In another mixer is a real good tool to get a layer mask to change the background on a picture that involves fluffy hair but...the window is so small.Except for to bring the upper left corner of the window into the upper left corner of the screen and then spread the whole thing to the full screen size,is there any other way to enlarge the window to get to see more in detail what's going on when you play with the slider as to not lose too much details?
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Jul 24, 2012, 22:40
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RE: The elusive 2 pixels pencil
I now have a vbr version's still read only.Other problems are...when you use a brush/pencil you(at least me) often use it like you print a dot with it then you press the "shift" key and a line does appear to guide you to make a completely straight line. With my new 2 pixels brush,I print a dot, then press"shift",I get that line...manage to get it completely straight then click the mouse and BINGO!... I got a completely straight line but...the first dot is one pixels off the line...HUH! To make matter worst,my brand new 2 pixels brush is...only one color...the color it has been created with(black in my case). So I guess after all, I was right to say's impossible to get a 2 pixels brush in Gimp( I will add this though)"that worked well and can be any color".The thing is ,such a brush should be able to be created with the brush editor and all those problems(alignment,color)wouldn't be there but...the brush editor is too $%@#&%*& to make a 2 pixels brush.Thanks!
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Jul 25, 2012, 16:20
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RE: The elusive 2 pixels pencil
I guess you did learn a thing from this thread.As opposition as to what you state in you first answer
1) you can create your own 2-pixels brush (or 4/6/8 pixels...)
it's impossible to create not only a 2 pixels brush with the brush editor but also any brush with an even number of pixel... be it 4/6/8, 22 or 44. My guess is it's because it would have been to much work to find a way to use them in conjunction with what I was describing "how to create a straight line" using the "shift" key.With and odd number of pixels,the line get linked to the pixel in the center.With an even number of pixels,the line can go on either side so...sometimes you get a complete straight line,sometimes you get one with the first dot being off the line.
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