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Text with depth

Sep 1, 2013, 21:17
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Text with depth
I am looking to make 3d text but I have not been doing very good. I am looking to do something like: one color on the face and another color on the depth.

I found a nice video on youtube that shows steps for text with depth, but they have a vanishing point within the image so some of the letters you see depth on the right side of the letter and others on the left side of the letter. It is nice, but not exactly what I am looking for. I also found a gmic plugin that does depth with layering but I have no idea how to use it. I would have thought depth on text is a common need but so far I have been drawing a blank </pun>. Any idea how I can draw some text like the image in the link above. Any ideas?
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Sep 2, 2013, 06:18 (This post was last modified: Sep 2, 2013 08:07 by iForStyle007.)
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RE: Text with depth
I found a cool tutorial a while back on how to make it similar to that. I'll try it from memory & if it looks good I'll post it here soon, (around monday afternoon my time) so stay tuned!

EDIT: While you wait...Here is a good user tutorial on here just in case mine doesn't work out. For the surface of the text you would use the blend/gradient tool.
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Sep 2, 2013, 08:56 (This post was last modified: Sep 2, 2013 10:56 by rich2005.)
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RE: Text with depth
All sorts of ways of doing this, including using other applications, Inkscape even LibreOffice word art.

A couple of scripts that come in useful.

Saule Goodes warptext
Looks like that is an old version, a newer (gimp 2.8.x) one is here.
Look at the top-center of the page for 'download'
Still check the original link for examples.
Have a look at the example on the web page for use
or this little video I made for someone/somewhere.

This can be seriously slow, several minutes rather than seconds.

[Image: tLrU1QD.jpg] the path circles green is used to warp the text to give the other path.

Once you have that path, easy to duplicate and move to a suitable offset.

[Image: 3b5ka0t.jpg]

This is where the second useful script comes in. RobA's path-blend
again have a look at the examples on the web page.
for example
It fills between 2 paths with a gradient. The gradient could be the same colour fg/bg. Finishing the top surface is just using the 'top' path to make a selection and applying a colour or anther gradient. The script can also take some time so be patient.

[Image: oXKvKjd.jpg]

** now answering questions**
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Sep 2, 2013, 23:30 (This post was last modified: Sep 2, 2013 23:33 by iForStyle007.)
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RE: Text with depth
Both the above tutorials are great as you can see there are several ways. that warp text plugin looks amazing btw(judging from the video). Thankfully they posted before I got my try done. I was busy last night packing for a trip (about 1 week) So here is mine(now you have 3 options ^_^ just in case )

3rd 3D text tutorial
Quick 3d-like text tutorial
1. Pick an overall bold font (edges & all), for this example I used "Sans Bold".
V v v Before typing: Text toolbox options v v v
-Check on "Antialiasing"
-Hinting: Medium
- Justify: Centered
2. Type text, then adjust with move tool depending on vanishing point location.
3. duplicate the "3D text layer" layer.
Rename the new layer “color motion blur text”
(where “color” is the color name you intend on using)
4.Temporarily turn off the "3D text layer" underneath (eye icon)
I'll tell you when to turn it back on later...

5. Filters > Blur > Motion Blur...
- Settings in picture (angle: is your vanishing point, start with a small length & increase if

*Don't make too long or the inside holes of letters may smudge over.)

6.Fuzzy/magic wand select tool the background(including the holes,
to add to the selection; shift + click & drag if needed)
- with selection still active(marching ants) Make one more new white layer
- Bucket fill selection part of the 3D color you want (example: grey)
7. Crop just the layer (see toolbox settings in pic)

(steps 1 to 4)         (Steps 5 to 7)

8. the extra/old color motion blur layer underneath. The one you bucket filled is the new “color motion blur.”
---You should now have 3 layers (“color motion blur,” “Text” and “Background layer”)---
10. Turn on 3D text layer(eye icon) & move it to the top of the stack(drag or click up green arrow under the Layers dialog window.
11. If needed(move tool) & scale(scale tool or Image> Scale) the "color blur layer" where needed.

    STEPS 8 Through 11
12. LAST STEP*GRADIENT*! Click the "3D Text" layer. Fuzzy select tool the background (shift + click for the letter holes, you might want to turn off the eye on the grey blur layer to see the selection better)
- working on the "3D text layer" shift + click with fuzzy select tool the letter holds also(only the parts with the background should be selected.)
- Select > Invert
- while selection still active, pick the blend/gradient tool & draw a bi-linear gradient line
across the text (you can pick the color of gradient you want)

When done, deselect & turn the grey blur layer back on, merge the 3d text layer with blur layer. Done Smile!

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than fear of failure." BC
[Image: 29uocaf.png]
iFS007 tut vids on YT ~ auto color B&W landscape tut
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Sep 4, 2013, 02:14
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RE: Text with depth
Thanks to all the suggestions. I will give them a try.
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