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Text Resizing Issues

Sep 12, 2013, 15:50 (This post was last modified: Sep 12, 2013 16:38 by ofnuts.)
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Question Text Resizing Issues
Been having some troubles with adding text to my images.

Everything has been fine up until this point, which makes me think I have changed a setting somewhere without realising...

Any NEW text that I add to an image, I can't adjust the size to over 85 pixels (or any measurement to the same scale). Strangely I can adjust the text over this size in older images. I have tried on multiple new images and the issue still occurs.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

- Sepiaa
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Sep 12, 2013, 16:41
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RE: Text Resizing Ussues
(Sep 12, 2013 16:38)ofnuts Wrote:  How do you adjust the size? By using a bigger size for the font? Did you try with a different font?

Yes, by using a bigger font size, as in increasing from 50 to 90. I have used all types of fonts. Ones I recently downloaded, ones from a long time ago, and defaults like Arial.
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Sep 12, 2013, 21:03
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RE: Text Resizing Issues
(Sep 12, 2013 20:52)ofnuts Wrote:  So you can't set the font to more than size 85?

Can you post one of the images as XCF (with everything removed but the text layer)?

Yeah, attached.

Now it seems like it is fine on new projects, but ideally I wan't to continue the current project and not start afresh..

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.xcf  Text test.xcf (Size: 15.97 KB / Downloads: 46)
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Sep 13, 2013, 03:52
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RE: Text Resizing Issues
(Sep 12, 2013 23:33)ofnuts Wrote:  Very strange. There is indeed something fishy in that image. It's not that you cannot get higher than 85 using the on-canvas widgets , it's that it getting higher makes the text disappear. And if you decrease the size, when it reaches 0 is goes back to 100, and he text shows, but at 99 is disappears again to reappear at 85...

If I remove the text layer, save the image, and reload it, the behavior persists. If I create a text layer in another image, and then drag/drop it to your image (layers list of source to canvas of target), it is fine as long as I don't edit it (so this is a workaround), but if I edit it I get back to your behavior.

Ah... Got it... the "image properties" show your image as having a print definition of 3PPI. Putting a more usual print definition ("Image/Print size" ->300PPI) seems to fix it... for new text layers... So you have to delete your bad text layer (that otherwise behaves strangely with the new print definition), change the print definition, and create a new text layer...

You possibly tinkered your image templates (Edit/Preferences -> Default image) and set that weird definition, so all images you create now get it...

Wow, thanks a lot for the help.

Weird, I remember fiddling around with some PPI setting a while back and not on that project and I don't ever remember setting it to 3. Strange.

Anyway, thanks for the help Smile
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