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Text Editing is worse than before.

Jul 16, 2012, 21:40
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Text Editing is worse than before.
I don't know what to say here. I am just another GIMP user. First of all. I <3 the program. You guys make a really really awesome free photo editing program which I have been using forever. Only 1 thing has ever really bugged me about it.

Text Editing.

Oh my god I almost smashed my keyboard minutes ago trying to work on text on my image. The bug in the last version where it would resize the window wasn't that bad. It was like the only issue with text really. But this new Text you guys re-did.

Im sorry but it is horrible.

This is what happened which made me rage.

Im working on an advertisement and I have my background setup and now its time to add Text.

I add text, change the color to white. All is good except the fact that the thing above the area you type is extremely annoying and I wish it wasn't there but unless you can remove it in prefrences or something there is no way to get it off my image.
(rage factor 1 - annoying text editing thing above text)

Then I go to add new text in. Its red again.. change it to white.. again. All is good.

Click on screen on a blank area to add another text part.. it opens up the previous text I was just working on.. Like .. ehhhh...
(rage factor 2 initated - It selects text by the boxes and not by actually clicking on the text)

Fiddling around moving boxes around I finally get my other part of text in place. Sorta raging a bit at this point in time but its okay.

Go to add new text.. Its back to being RED
(rage factor 3 - Colors do not stick between text when I set text color. It goes back to brush color everytime.)

Switch it to white, go to click back in the box, clicked another box by mistake because they are close, am into editing that box instead... GAH!!!

Take a bunch of deep breaths.

Finally get my box and then I am trying to cycle through different text styles when I went to click one. I dont know what I did but whatever it did, it made my text box detach from the main editing box which sort of felt like..

"IMA FIRING MAH LAZORRRRR" The lazor being gimp saying "fck you"

Rage ++++

*takes tons of deep breaths, goes to complain on forums*

Please dear god I love GIMP.. Ive been waiting for this 2.8 for years.. But please DEAR GOD patch up the TEXT. PLLLLEAAASEEE.. Driving me so nuts working with this new text editing its so much worse than the last one. Its like, got more features but oh my god its frustrating.
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Jul 17, 2012, 17:24
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RE: Text Editing is worse than before.
Every time I see a post like this I count myself lucky I'm still using 2.6, it keeps the rage factor way down. Good luck with your text, Ekrei.

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