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script automatic healing - dead pixel - dirt on lens correction

Mar 5, 2014, 07:07 (This post was last modified: Mar 5, 2014 07:20 by mygost.)
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script automatic healing - dead pixel - dirt on lens correction
Hi guys,
i'm looking for a gimp wizard here Angel

issue : i have a camera taking pictures (so far, so good!) but i have dirt on lens / dead pixel from the lens so all my pictures have the same "dead black spot" on the same area.

I can manually heal / blend the spots on the picture with gimp, ok
BUT i have 650 pictures of my vacations there (and i'm rather lazy)!!!

so i need to have a script / automatic stuff to process all of them...

Q : how do i create a script that may blend/blur/smooth around the dead area to make the spot disappear or at least smooth the color/shape of it ?

Work assumption : let's say the dirt area would be always in the same fixed area of all pictures (x1,y1 --> x2,y2)
(here the size area is 63pix width by 50pix height)
...or if anyone has an advanced detection pattern... i'll take it!!

attachment : sunny day on the beach... [extract from bigger original]

thanks Heal
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Mar 5, 2014, 08:23 (This post was last modified: Mar 5, 2014 08:24 by mygost.)
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RE: script automatic healing - dead pixel - dirt on lens correction
(Mar 5, 2014 08:00)ofnuts Wrote:  If you have already written code and know python or scheme, it's rather easy. Otherwise it will take some time because there is a lot to learn Smile. I may have some time to look at it over the weekend. Do you have the resynthesizer plugin installed (>Filters>Enhance>Heal selection)?

Hi ofnuts and thanks for replying

my current status :
-"written code" : not done (yet) !!
-"knowing python or scheme" : not knowing theses at all !!
-">Filters>Enhance>Heal selection" : yes got it! (windows gimp 2.8.2)

-"rather easy" : quite unsure from my perspective... Undecided

right now, i'm looking into gimpscripter to record some standard user action and put them in a generic script suitable for my camera lens issue.

manually with the "smudge tool" i get something "good enough" to proceed...
if i can record the 10-20 user-input pass onto a generic picture and place them in an appropriate script, i might get an easy solution to auto correct all my pictures.
But i don't know how to record my actions right now...
Is there a console outputting the command line that is reflecting the user--mouse-input in GIMP ??

then i'll glady right a small tuto "how to" for others guys having dirt on lens... (strange didn't find any, and i bet i'm not the 1st one with this type of issue!)

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