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Scrapbook Indentation

Apr 18, 2011, 02:03
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Scrapbook Indentation
Clicking on the following link brings you to a digital scrapbook cover. Notice the vertical indentation that lies between the cord and photo (where the cover hinges when opened). How can one duplicate this effect in GIMP?
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Apr 18, 2011, 07:35
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RE: Scrapbook Indentation
With a bump map... A bump map adds 3D texture in layer under the control of another layer where the value of the pixels determines the perceived height. Black produces dimples, white produces bumps, and mdeium gray (127,127,127) is "no change".


- add a layer at the bottom and initialize to 127,127,127
- use a grey->black gradient
- make a vertical selection where the hinge should be
- fill it with an horizontal gradient: gray to black to gray
- (optional steps)
- select the cover layer
- Filters>Map>Bumpmap and select proper layer for the map
- Adjust depth and others to taste

Optional steps: the hinge dimple will be too regular if done as above. To give it a more natural look, you can use various ways to distort it, for instance distort the selection before applying the gradient, or use some of the Filter>Distorts> filters.

Here is with Ripple and some painting to obtain cracks:


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