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Jan 19, 2014, 16:10 (This post was last modified: Jan 19, 2014 16:14 by btraven.)
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I have a photo I've cropped to 4x5 aspect ratio to produce an 8x10 print. But... the borderless print doesn't look so hot, so I want to put it on a white 8x10 canvas but scale it down so it has half-inch borders all around. The reason I want to do this is because 8x10 is a standard print size and custom sizes cost a ton... but you already knew that, I bet.

I've got the canvas with the guides and used the scale tool to shrink the image to fit. My question is what does that do to the quality of the print? The 8x10 I have of it looks good, but will shrinking it mess it up? Will the print of this look crappy? How do I keep the dpi of the final the same as the original which was 350+? Should I even worry about this?

And is there an easier way for me to do this. What I did was create a blank white canvas with the half-inch guides, then copy/pasted the image on it and shrunk that layer to fit the guides. I think maybe I'm doing this all wrong. Imagine that!

Here's the pic and thanks:

[Image: y0IycCRl.jpg]

After I posted this I read the thread below. Sorry.
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Jan 19, 2014, 17:06
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RE: Scaling...
Not exactly the same, the previous post was mainly about batch processing.

For a single image.

Quality of print goes back to pixel size. The rule-of-thumb for photographic prints is 300 dpi (less can be ok, but not much less for 10"x8")

So you are looking for an image size (10"x 8") 3000 x 2400 pixels.

I picked up that image you posted as 640 pix x 512 pix - that will always be rubbish, unless printed as a postage stamp.

If you have a big image, greater or close to that 3000 x 2400 size, use the Filters -> Decor -> Add border, and do not worry about dpi. The print shop will accept and size accordingly.

If you have an image 2000 pix x 1600 pix (200 dpi for a 10"x8") you might get away with it.

Anything increasingly smaller will print increasingly worse.

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Jan 19, 2014, 19:38
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RE: Scaling...
I tried add borders, but ran into two problems. 1) It just adds the width of the border so, with half-inch borders the finished product is an inch bigger both ways and I need the finished dimension to be 8x10. 2) What if I want a weighted-bottom border? 'Add Border' only allows two, not three measurements.

But... I think the thing for me to do is crop the image to 7x9 (or 7x8.4 if I want a bottom border wider by the golden ratio--this stuff is important you know, it just won't do to offend the aesthetic sensibilities of three millennia-dead Greeks) before I even import it into Gimp and then paste that onto an 8x10 canvas. That way I only need two guides, fat-bottom girl or no, and just snug the pasted layer up in the corner of the guides, flatten the thing down and off to the printer. Thanks, Rich, you've made me see the light.

P.S. That was just a "large thumbnail" and it was a crappy pic anyway, just for figuring this stuff out.
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Jan 19, 2014, 19:59
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RE: Scaling...
No, forget about inch sizes, the thing that matters is pixel size. For a 10x8 photo, rule of thumb says 300 ppi (pixel per inch) = an image 3000 pix x 2400 pix with border or without border. Can be a little below that size, does not matter if it is more, either way the print shop will scale it to fit the paper.

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