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Apr 14, 2011, 11:58
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Hey there,

I am a fan of Space Invaders Arts and wanted to make a RubikCubism myself...

Is there a more or less easy way to transforem an image to a RubikCubism-instruction?

RubiCubisms look like

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Apr 14, 2011, 15:54
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RE: RubiCubism
I tried this:

- Colors>Desaturate (gives B&W picture)
- Filters>Blur>Pixelize, choose the required size for the pixels
- Where it gets tricky: use the Curves dialog. In each R/G/B channel change the respond from the diagonal linear to a square (use Freehand instead of smooth).
  • For instance, I use red to map the darker tones and white for the lighter ones, so the red channel is at 255 from 0 to 70, then 0 up to 200, and back to 255 for 200 an up. The other two channel being at 0 between 0 and 70, the darker squares get mapped to red. The other two channels will also be at 255 above 200, so the lighter squares willl be mapped to white.
  • In a similar way, the green channel is 0 from 0 to 70, then 255 between 70 and 150, then 0 until 200 where ges back to 255. So the dark grays (value 70->150) are mapped to green, and above 200 it particpates into the white.
  • To achieve the yellow for the lighter grays, the blue channel is 0 from 0 to 150, then it goes to 255. And the green channel is changed to add to the blue.
Finally, use Filter>Render>Pattern>Grid to slap a grid over the pixel borders.


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