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Rounded Corners Help

Jan 10, 2012, 17:14
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Rounded Corners Help
I am having lots of difficulty with this. Im hoping someone can help. I'm trying to create a rectangle that is transparent with rounded corners but I need the rounded rectangle outlined. Now I know how to create a rounded rectangle what I am doing for that is the following;

creating an image, selecting add alpha chanel, then selecting rounded rectangle, invert then cut.

The problem is I need the rounded rectangle outlined. When I try to use the paintbrush with stroke it outlines the image but when I go to save it it saves the whole image including the cut corners.

In essence. I just want to make a rounded transparent rectangle. Then have it outlined. This would be for a web page.

Any help would be appreciated...
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Jan 12, 2012, 16:38
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RE: Rounded Corners Help
Thanks so much for the reply...I guess though I am still having an issue with how to create a rounded rectangle and the just outline that rounded rectangle..I can make the rounded rectangle. The problem is when I outline it. When I outline it the whole rectangle gets outlined. I just want the rectangle + the rounded edges to be outlined.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Jan 13, 2012, 16:18
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RE: Rounded Corners Help
Okay, I tried both solutions and did it multiple ways. Please understand that I do appreciate your help. None worked.

1. I made the rectangle, then went to edit stroke selection..did outlines just the edges not the rest of the rectangle.

2. Then I tried alpha to selection AFTER I created the rounded edged rectangle. Clciked on stroke selection. When you do that, the whole thing gets outlined. But the outline is much thicker in the edges than the rest of the rectangle.

3. Then I tried alpha to selection with Select border. Yes that outlines the rounded rectangle too but the edges are way too fuzzy. Not smooth at all.

4. Then tried the border without alpha to selection. Still the same results.

So my question is: Is Gimp even worth it. I mean honestly I rather pay for Adobe Photoshop if its going to take me three days to figure out how to make a rounded rectangle that is outlined but outlined in a professional manner. Neverthless, I'm not sure if Gimp can do this simple task and complete the task so it looks somewhat professional.

Very frustrated with this software at this point. Is there any way I can make a rounded rectangle and outline it but Im not talking about an outline that looks like you did it in MS Paint or a childs piece of software. I just want an even not fuzzy outline? I've tried 20 different ways. I may be missing something but I have to tell you it should be way easier than this.

Again, an help would be appreciated...

Thanks again..
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Jan 15, 2012, 06:01
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RE: Rounded Corners Help
Thanks for your help. I tried a bunch of things today. For some reason when Gimp outlines an object such as a rounded rectangle, the line is fuzzy Especially around the rounded corners...Really what I am trying to make is a a rounded rectangle that has a brown thin outline bordering/outlining the rounded rectangle ..nothing special but I've tried a millions ways today even tried path to selection...It outlines the rectangle yes but the image outline is fuzzy in some areas like around the just really looks unprofessional and can see the fuzzyness and choppiness on the webpage and in a normal image viewer...

I used alpha to selection because I'm trying every which way I can before I give up and purchase photoshop.....I just cant grasp why outlining an object such as rounded corners comes out fuzzy and choppy...Could be something Im doing wrong...but I spent a few days on something that should take 5 minutes......I'll check out the paths tools you recommended....
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