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returned no return values error

May 17, 2012, 03:37
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returned no return values error
Hi all, new guy jumping in the deep end here.

I'm trying to write a plugin to load an obscure image format into GIMP for editing, and I'm getting an error back: "Procedure 'file-load-mtw-bif' returned no return values". My plugin runs, I can see the progress through the prog bar and printfs in the console, and my GimpRunProc finishes without crashing, so I'm kinda stumped. My GimpRunProc is returning 2 vals, a GIMP_PDB_STATUS value and a GIMP_PDB_IMAGE value, and they appear to be valid. Am I really messing up the return vals, or is this a deeper problem with a misleading error message? I'm sure the image rendering inside my plugin has bugs, I've never done GIMP programming before, would a screwed up image also return an error like this?

This is with GIMP 2.8.0, on Windows Vista 32-bit, compiled with gcc in MingW.
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May 26, 2012, 02:56
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RE: returned no return values error
The error is not from bad return values. After stripping down the code, I can run successfully until I call gimp_layer_new(), all my GIMP calls prior do not cause an error and an image gets created (albeit a blank one).

My call looks like this:
image->imageId = gimp_image_new(image->width, image->height, GIMP_INDEXED);
gimp_image_set_filename(image->imageId, filename);
gimp_image_set_colormap(image->imageId, cmap->map, cmap->numColors);
layerId = gimp_layer_new(image->imageId,
Commenting out the gimp_layer_new and subsequent layer calls gets me through the plugin run function. Since I'm starting with a fresh run of GIMP, image->imageId = 1, layerId = 2. and gimp_image_set_filename/gimp_image_set_colormap return TRUE.

Do I need to set up something prior to creating layers because I'm working with an indexed image?
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May 26, 2012, 14:02
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RE: returned no return values error
Did that change from 2.6? My "frameName" var is the layer name, in the 2.6 API the layer name is the second param in the call.
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