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Aug 13, 2011, 15:55
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Alright, so I'm incredibly new to this tool, but I've used in the past to help make sprites and what not. (Not a professional at that either by any means,).

What I am asking, is how I can use gimp to select all shades of one color, and change them. I was using the colorize tool, but because of all the shades in the image, it doesn't seem to be working correctly, or I can't find a good way to change the colors. Perhaps a brief explanation on how to recolor an image would be amazing, or perhaps a better way to use the colorize tool in general. I'm new, so bare with me.
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Aug 13, 2011, 16:10
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RE: Recoloring
If you wan to change a range of hues into another range of hues, your best friend is the "Colors/Color Rotate" tool. But it won't change saturation or lightness.

To change hue (but with less control), saturation and lightness, there is, tada... the Colors/Hue-Saturation tool.

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