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Recently Used File List

Oct 14, 2017, 13:35
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Recently Used File List

I posted this on the Linux Mint forum. I received no suggested solutions, but others have experienced the same behavior with Gimp. One suggested looking for a Gimp forum and, having found this, I thought I would ask again here...

I'm using Mint 18.2-Cinnamon-64 bit with the stock 2.8 Gimp as installed (I haven't added the usual stuff to it, since this is a new install).

After using it for a few days, it has become apparent that the Recently Used File List periodically becomes empty. I had experienced this issue before on Ubuntu 16.04 (but I don't recall running into it in earlier versions of Ubuntu or even on Windoze). Since that Ubuntu 16.04 install was more than a year old, I just assumed that I had installed something else along the way that caused the problem and I learned to live with it but, on a new install (totally new; new OS on a new drive, only stock apps, etc.) I have to assume it's something more fundamental - either to Gimp or something in Ubuntu that is inherited by Mint/Cinnamon.

For instance, I last used Gimp with several files on Friday afternoon (it's now Saturday morning), and the list is empty. Yesterday afternoon when I loaded a file, the list had about ten items.

So I checked ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel: it had no Gimp listings in the file. Then I loaded Gimp, opened a file, saved it, and exited.

Now, once again ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel has an entry for the file I just opened. I reopened Gimp and the Recently Used File List contains just that one file name.

Gimp seems to be able to write to and read from the xbel so I'm guessing something external is emptying it. I can't correlate the file list clearing with anything else I've been doing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Oct 14, 2017, 13:55
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RE: Recently Used File List
This forum is DEAD and has been abandoned to spammers.

Folk from here have moved to
Please ask there to have questions answered
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