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realistic fireworks tutorial!

Jul 6, 2013, 11:44
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realistic fireworks tutorial!
(Below pictures, the checkered box is what the .xcf layer will look like)

So for those of you that celebrate 4th of July, I thought it would be fun to share a cool tutorial I found(from memory a long time ago) on how to make semi-transparent realistic fireworks to use in any of your pictures. You can even change the colors too!
Try it out, you get different results each time!

HAPPY July 4TH weekend ALL!!

How-To Fireworks(from memory)

1. Choose the starting size of your firework
(640 x 480 or
320 x 240) Of course you can make the size bigger or smaller than those, but I picked those sizes for simplicity & best speed(performance)
2. Edit Fill With FG color (should be black)
Right-click layer & make sure you "add alpha channel"
3. Filters > Noise > HSV Noise
Settings: Holdness(1) Hue(0), Saturation(30), Value(255)
[the value can change the brightness/detail of the firework, less value, simpler)
4. Filters > Distort > Wind
Settings: Style(Wind), Direction(Left or Right), Edge Affected(Leading)
Threshold(10), Strength(10)
5. Rotate Tool; Rotate the image so the lines drip down from the dots.
6. Image > Fit Canvas to layers...
7. ALMOST THERE.... Filters > Distort > Polar Coordinates
Settings: Circle Depth in percent(100.00), Offset angle( anywhere on the slider)
check: [x]Map from top, [x]To polar
8. Colors > Colorize
change: Just the Hue, or Saturation
9. Save As(don't flatten!)..., example: "myfirework.xcf" Copy & paste layer into an image
10. layer "mode:" to make see-through(it depends on image light/dark sky)
-for night sky, I use "Screen"
-Daytime, try "Subtract" or "Difference" then "Colors > Colorize"

Best effect is on a night sky. You can blur the firework by 1 pixel for depth.
Scale the width (Scale Tool) or hieght to shape fireworks
Your done!!! Enjoy your virtual gimp fireworks!

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