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PSP7 gone-Newbie needs help with Gimp

Aug 28, 2013, 02:19 (This post was last modified: Aug 28, 2013 08:55 by rich2005.)
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PSP7 gone-Newbie needs help with Gimp
Hi Everyone.
I am feeling frustrated and need some advice and help please.
I had Paint Shop Pro 7 which I have used for years and it
just became corrupted. I have misplaced the original disc so
can't reinstall it at this time so I downloaded Gimp 2.8 just
yesterday (8/26) but am totally confused because it is so
I have a website with many pages and want to make more but
can't right now.

This is my poetry website:

I also have another website featuring only my art and right
now can't even rework and upload any photos there.
This is my art website:
advertising removed - rich

All the pages on them were made using PSP7 and I had gotten
pretty proficient at it, though I am no means a professional.
You can check it out to see what I mean. I am a poet and
artist and a few of the pages on my poetry site feature my

With PSP7 I would upload a photo to it and then would open
another page with bkg color to match the photo. Then feather
a rounded rectangle on the photo and copy and paste it to the
new page and crop it to a better size. Then add the copyright
text and save that page as a jpeg to a web page folder on my
computer. After that I would work on other images for the
page, add the bkg image, and save it in another page on the
web page folder and add any text I needed on there. I'm not
sure if any of this process can be used in Gimp but sure hope

I believe Gimp would work for me if I can ever learn the
proper steps on building pages. I have read so many tutorials
and so many posts on this forum but still am lost. I realize
it's been only one day and I still need to practice with it,
but my son teases me and says I want it yesterday. hehe

By the way. I have XP system on my desktop computer and use
Firefox as my browser.

Thanks for any suggestions and help.
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Aug 28, 2013, 08:56
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RE: PSP7 gone-Newbie needs help with Gimp
Please no advertising or you get banned.

I think the easiest for you as a long time PSP7 user (used it myself many years ago - excellent graphics application)
is Ebay. I can see PSP7 here for the equivalent of $15.

But Gimp is for free, many similarities also many differences. You will have to give up all those years of "how do I do this in PSP"

Looking at your image.
Frames, Gimp is very plugin orientated, there are many around that will generate a frame. If still interested I can give some links.


Insets, A simple way is a selection with a feathered edge, then copy and paste. There are better ways.


Text. The Gimp text tool will make its own layer which is editable, proving you save in Gimp .xcf mode.


Use new layers for everything, makes life easier in the long run. Save as .xcf. When finished export in png, jpg, or other formats.

** now answering questions**
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Aug 28, 2013, 13:45
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RE: PSP7 gone-Newbie needs help with Gimp
Hi Rich.
Thanks for your reply and the links which I will check out as soon as I wake up with my first cup of morning coffee.
I was not trying to advertise when I posted. I just wanted someone to see what I have been doing and trying to do with Gimp.
I did upload an update to PSP7 but it was no help. Hopefully I can locate my original disk and reload it. At this time I can't afford to buy anything else. In the meantime I will keep practicing on Gimp.
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