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"pop art"

May 30, 2011, 08:20
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"pop art"
Alright, this is my first be gentle. I'm no teacher, but i thought this was a lot of fun with a very dramatic outcome and...there wasn't here it goes.

You're going to start with the picture you want and multiply it twice so you have three copies.
You're going to make the bottom layer invisible by clicking on the eye in the layers dialogue box.
On the top layer you are going to
right click>colors>invert
you should be here right now.

[Image: poptut1.png]

you can blur the image by 3 by going
right click>filters>blur>Gaussian blur>3
(you might want to play around with it a bit in different photos, i used 3.)
now you are going to change the layer mode to to dodge in the top part of the layers dialogue box.

then you merge the two top visible layers. (right click>merge down , or right click> merge visible)

Now you are going to
right click>colors>threshold> 245 on the left hand black side
Again something you are going to play around with depending on the picture you have.

here is where you should be.

[Image: poptut3.png]

now you are going to make a new transparent layer above the one we have been working on.
you are going to change the mode of this layer to multiply.
and now color. in some cases it helps if you make the bottom visible and the layer we have worked on throughout non visible (clicking on the eyeball to the left of the layer), just to see what exactly is what.

here is where we should be

[Image: poptut4.png]

now we are going to merge your colors onto the layer we did all the work too.
now you move the bottom layer to the top and make visible, change the mode of the now top layer to overlay.

now we
right click>filters>distorts>newsprint>cell size to 7
another thing to play with depending on the picture.

here is where I landed.

[Image: poptut5.png]

tada! hope this was enough information in the parts that needed it and not as repetitive as I felt at times. Id really like to see someones results if anyone tries or has done one, any tips that might make this easier or better would be appreciated also.

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