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Placing an object on a layer

Apr 25, 2012, 00:46
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Placing an object on a layer
This is probably as easy as falling off a log, but I've never been good at that, either. I made the background of an object (single color symbol) transparent, then re-sized it. I then added a transparent layer to another image, with the idea of placing the symbol onto that layer. I tried to move the symbol, but that didn't work. I copied the symbol image and tried to paste it onto the layer. It pasted, but all I got was a transparent rectangle that matched the size of the symbol image.

Clearly I'm doing something (or some things) wrong.
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Apr 25, 2012, 16:43
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RE: Placing an object on a layer
(Apr 25, 2012 06:43)ofnuts Wrote:  Hard to tell what went wrong. If you have several layers i the first image, you may have copied the wrong one, which would be empty. As a rule, Gimp acts on the pixels that are both in the selection and one the active layer, so what gets copied is the contents of the selection inside the active layer (if you want to copy what you see, use Edit/Copy visible).
You can paste into another image-capable software (such as your favorite word processor) to see what goes in the clipboard.

You can also try this:

- in the first image: Select/All, Edit/Copy (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C)
- in the second image: "Edit/Paste as new layer"

Or also:
- save first image to file (XCF or PNG)
- in second image: "File/Open as new layers"

If you do a plain "Edit/Paste" (Ctrl-V) in the second image you get a temporary layer labeled "Floating selection". While this exists, some functionalities are locked out or can only apply to it. You have to transform this layer into something permanent, either by:
- anchoring it (merge with the current layer at the time of paste)
- creating a new layer from it (Layer/New layer, or Ctrl-Shift-N)

Excellent info, Ofnuts. I did see a reference to "floating selection"and "anchoring." I'll work with your suggestions.
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