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Path to selection always clockwise?

Nov 19, 2012, 11:10
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Path to selection always clockwise?
I have an image, and I want to add some text along a curved path beneath it. Imagine the motto beneath a coat of arms, or a product or company name beneath a logo.

Now, I tried using the text tool to add the text along a path, and I think that I now understand how that works.

Now it turns out that there is a feature missing that I would like to see, which is that text justification should make the text conform to the ends or centre of the path... by this, I mean that if I draw a path and the text is too short to fill the whole of the path, I should be able to centre the text along the path.

The way around this that came to mind is that if the path is a circle then I can place my text starting anywhere, and then rotate that layer to centre the text beneath the image.

So I make a circle selection, and convert the selection to a path... but the path seems to start at the top of the circle (I don't now what you want to call it: 0°, 12 o'clock, top dead centre, North?) and go clockwise... meaning that if I rotate my text to be below the image it will be upside down.

My work-round is to create a temporary layer and draw a circle on it, then use that as a guide to create a path along part of the circle in an anti-clockwise direction.

But I thought that there might be
  • a mechanism for easily swapping the start and end positions of a path,
  • another, better way if placing text below an image,
  • a way of centring text along a path.

Any ideas?
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Nov 19, 2012, 16:32
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RE: Path to selection always clockwise?
To get the text in the correct orientation at the bottom of a circle, use the flip tool on the path.
It really helps if the circle is symmetrical on the canvas, otherwise you will need to move the 'flipped' path.

This is for Gimp 2.6 but the principles are the same in 2.8.

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Nov 23, 2012, 19:01
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RE: Path to selection always clockwise?
Thanks for the info, I've tried the vertical flip method and it works a treat.
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