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Overlay incompetence...

Apr 4, 2012, 00:47
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Overlay incompetence...
I have a PNG image with only one layer as a start point. It has a faded map on it.

I have a second PNG image with a hex grid on it. I do colour to Alpha to establish transparency on the hex grid for white filled hexes (others are not filled with white).

Now, I wish to overlay a portion of the first image with the faded map with the non-transparent part of the second image.

So I select by colour (for the hexes not filled with white) on the second image (the overlay) and I then paste to the first image (after creating a transparency layer and selecting it to receive the overlay).

I see the desired overlay section (minus any transparent stuff as expected), however it is centered over the map in the first image, not where I want it to be. It is a floating selection and must be anchored. So I select the anchor icon in the layer dialog and I think I anchor it into the transparency layer on the first image (that's what I'm trying to do anyway).

And then my problem:

I want to move the thing I just pasted in to the right place with respect to the underlying faded map. I attempt to use the move tool, but all I move is the background map (pretty much the opposite of what I want).

Nothing I do seems to let me reselect the pasted-in overlay so that I can move it.

Maybe I'm going about this the entirely wrong way. I'd post the actual images, but the background image is 10 mb+.

Any thoughts as to why I can't ever reposition the pasted in overlay? It should be in the transparency layer I created but even if I select all, I don't seem to be able to move anything other than the background image.

Vexing doesn't begin to describe this.

(Note: My background is a coder/bitmap hacker, not a photoshop or digital art type... so I'm probably missing something very obvious here...)

Thanks in advance.
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Apr 5, 2012, 13:06
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RE: Overlay incompetence...
I created a new layer, had it selected in the layer dialog, then selected the anchor. Won't that basically do the same thing?

Note that I am NOT able to move the floating selection. I can't explain that. I have, at other times and in other images, pasted things in and could grab them and move them around. This time, I can't ever seem to get hold of the floating selection despite (as I understand it) it being the foremost object and me clicking on it with the move tool. THIS is the part that throws me.

I'll try the shift click and see if that solves my problem.

Is the problem that I created a transparency layer? I did that because I wanted the pasted hex grid to be at least partly transparent so assumed it should thus be a transparency layer.

I'm kind a vexed too by the inability to lock layer contents. CAD programs got this right (supported layer locking) early on and that seems like a pretty obvious thing to want to do with a layer.

Anyway, I'll try your answer for selecting the floating selection and get back to you.

And thanks for the reply! I do appreciate the help!
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