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Outline around Text.

Jun 18, 2011, 12:24
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Outline around Text.
Just wondering how you can get a different colored outline around text.

As an example;

The top banner on this site, displaying the words 'Pride and Virtue'.

Thanks in advance,

- - Saga.
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Jun 18, 2011, 13:41
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RE: Outline around Text.

- Create your text in the text dialog
- Before leaving the dialog, strike the "Path from text" button
- This creates a path that bears the name of your text:
- In the Layers dialog, you have a layer that also bears the name of your text. Erase it or get it out of the way (drag to bottom)
- Create two new layers, let's call them "Text outline" (top) and "Text area" (next)
- Make sure the "Text area" layer is selected
- Back to the "Paths" dialog. Right click on your text path, and "Path to selection"
- This creates a selection where your text was:
- You can fill that selection with whatever you fancy: plain color, gradient, pattern:
(note that you can do more that way with the inside of the text that what you can do in the Text tool):
- Remove the selection (Select/Select None).
- Set your foreground color to the color you want for the outline
- In the Layers dialog, select "Text outline"
- In the Paths dialog, right click again on the path, but click "Stroke path"
- A dialog opens, to keep it simple here we will choose to stroke simple 5px line:
- Click the "Stroke" button: done.


- if you don't deselect before stroking your outline, it will be cut in half by the selection, since the stroking will only apply to the selected pixels
- the stroking of the outline can also use more complicated options, if you use the paint brush it will use the current brush which can be sparks, flowers, etc... In the coming version (2.8) emulating "brush dynamics" will do some useful stuff, like rotating the brush along the path.
- as you can see above, you get the same result if you select the text path and fill it with a plain color or let the Text tool perform the fill by default. However, if you intend to perform a geometric transformation on the text (rotate, scale, shear, perspective), applying the transform on the path (all transform tools can act on paths) and filling afterwards gives much cleaner results than transforming the text bitmap.

Now answering your questions on
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Jun 18, 2011, 14:07
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RE: Outline around Text.
Wow, thanks a lot. c:
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Jun 5, 2017, 00:44
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RE: Outline around Text.
Lol you said easy. Is this process the same in Gimp 2.0? I am trying to outline text but just not getting it.
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Jun 5, 2017, 07:34
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RE: Outline around Text.
Hi Mozeltovcocktail

This forum was dead for a long time, but has suddenly come alive again. Not many people here anymore.

Many people (including ofnuts) have moved to
If you have any questions, try asking there.
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