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NO way to select/copy/paste multiple layers?!?

Dec 11, 2011, 20:15 (This post was last modified: Dec 11, 2011 20:21 by phlimm.)
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NO way to select/copy/paste multiple layers?!?
Using GIMP 2.6.11 under Windows XP

Is this real? I am really amazed that there is no way to do this. Am I missing something? I have multiple images, each with a unique background layer. On top are multiple other layers, both images and text layers. I was editing one and was about to save it but then realized it was on the wrong background.

All I want to do is select four or five layers from this unsaved image with Background A, copy them and then open an image with Background B and paste them in so there will be minimal issues with alignments and such. I have been editing each of these four layers and there are a fair bit of changes that have been made to just throw them away and start over. The background is not the only difference between the images, it is just what I use as a reference so copying that over to the unsaved image would also require multiple layer copy/pasting.

I have already tried linking the layers but any copy/cut/paste seems to only work on the active layer, unless I am again missing something. This seems like a really fundamental function to not be supported.
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Dec 11, 2011, 20:46
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RE: NO way to select/copy/paste multiple layers?!?
(Dec 11, 2011 20:37)ofnuts Wrote:  Yes, copy and paste only applies to one layer at a time (although you can also "copy visible" to copy a flattened image).

If you want to import several layers from an image in another image, save the first image, then in the target image use "File/Open as layers", select the saved image, and its layers will be added to the target (with their relative positions kept).
I've been working with an unsaved image, I guess I can save it as a throwaway to do that. Once again, cut/copy/paste of multiple layers seems like a REALLY fundamental feature to not support. Are there any future plans to do this?
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Dec 11, 2011, 21:14
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RE: NO way to select/copy/paste multiple layers?!?
(Dec 11, 2011 21:04)ofnuts Wrote:  No, it's not fundamental... what is fundamental is a way to move layers together from one image to another, and it exists.

The short term future plan is Gimp 2.7.4 (development version), that will shortly become Gimp 2.8 (stable version).

Yeah well whatever. Cut/Copy/Paste is a fundamental function. Saving unfinished works in progress in order to import stuff to a new image is a lot more work when you are making many images. Plus, I don't want to import or move ALL of the layers, just some of them.

What I asked in reference to future versions was specific support of that feature. Anyone can guess that the version number would be incremented.
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Dec 13, 2011, 23:47 (This post was last modified: Dec 13, 2011 23:50 by phlimm.)
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RE: NO way to select/copy/paste multiple layers?!?
(Dec 11, 2011 22:38)ofnuts Wrote:  If you are making many images then you can save once and import many times. And you can delete the layers you don't need, save, and Ctrl-Z to restore the deleted layers.

2.7 and following support "layer groups". If you select a layer group and Edit/copy, what you copy is a composite of the layers in the group. On the target, you can "Paste as layer", which will create one single layer, but for you needs that may be sufficient.
Ugh. I only need to bring in 5 out of 15-20 layers and they are coming into an image that already has 15 layers...I really don't want to "Open as Layers" and then go and delete 10-15 more layers. I am trying to paste into already existing work, not into blank images. And yes when being pasted, the 5 copied layers need to end up as individual layers, not as one merged layer. This is all so frustrating!

And is there no way to display/edit the XY Coordinates of a particular layer?

All I want to do is copy some layers and paste them into a destination image at the same xy coordinates as the source image. WHY does that have to be so damn hard? The lack of support for this is creating a LOT of unnecessary work! Angry Angry Angry
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