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New to gimp from photoshop ;p

Aug 27, 2011, 02:28 (This post was last modified: Aug 27, 2011 02:31 by aersixb9.)
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New to gimp from photoshop ;p
I can probably figure it out, downloadin it and borderlands (on sale on steam now ;p just got it), used gimp a few times....but one thing i like about linux and less about windows is the flavor options....seems like there's only 1 default kinda tricky flavor of gimp, be neat if this site had like a 'photoshop cs4' flavor or a 'simple tools mspaint' style, also be neat to see those flavors or otherwse swap in and out tools and other pieces, including themes and perhaps c++ code, although that one is tricky...

Also be neat to see some gimp-cloud storage of gpl/oss images , including maybe adding a 'game' of sorts , perhaps competitive speed drawing with limited tools and other trcks and some kind of judging, maybe another game rooms is judged by you and you a random othe rone....

then save and oss them all...maybe keep them on ppls profiles , so you can get a graphic designer job by playin with gimp in game mode Smile

also maybe a mmo-mode, get an avatar (including a flat dialog/web one), and interact with other players in real time constantly makin images and perhaps themes, plugin tools and parts, and , uh, doin things people do with gimp successfully (also photoshop, same thing sorta...)

also it would be extra funny if you themed a gimp into photoshop good and posted it to the pirate bittorrent sites ;p

Edit: On a random side note, i'm makin a game. whereas most games go for only a few 'objects' that look fancy, i'm goin for quantity. its an asteroids / space game style, so expect triangles. how many can your card do, and also factor in smaller triangle shaped bullets, and AI code running instanced a bunch, maybe a menu with a textbox....gonna post it on my blog eventually Smile

also randomly with oss resrouces, could do like a 'comic book maker' where you'd have a bunch of transparent cut out layered stuff in a variety of poses etc to remix into different stuff , maybe for some game warcraft gold and a level 5 comix remixer achewivement
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