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Multi lingual Gimp

Aug 29, 2011, 05:42
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Multi lingual Gimp
For some reasons I want Gimp to speak in more languages.
I know how to do that, but the languages are not on my PC.

In the directory /usr/share/locale-langpack the only languages are Netherlands (nl) and English (en) plus 10 variations of English.
All the languages in /usr/share/locale have no effect, neither have the languages in /home/"my name"/.gimp-2.6/share/locale. The Gimp remains English.

How can I download or where can I find other languages like French (fr), Spanish (es) or German (de)?

Besides: the script I use on my Ubuntu is:
export LANGUAGE=fr
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Aug 29, 2011, 11:41
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RE: Multi lingual Gimp
(Aug 29, 2011 07:03)ofnuts Wrote:  Language files are in:


In these directories (except "en"...), my 2.7 install (my own build) has (in /opt/share/locale/*, since I run both versions):

And export LANGUAGE indeed works.

I can't find the equivalent files for my Ubuntu-installed 2.6.8 (in /usr/share/locale/*). I suspect that the Ubuntu packages only install the languages it thinks are used locally.
Thanks for the quick answer.

Problem still is that the files in /usr/share/locale/* have no influence on whatever language. By renaming some directories I detected that the language comes from /usr/share/locale-langpack/* and not from /usr/share/locale/*.
So I copied the directory fr to that directory, but Gimp doesn't see the French language or German or Spanish. It seems that these files don't have the right information for Gimp....
I took a look inside some files and detected that the files indeed have French or Spanish or German words in it.
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Aug 29, 2011, 14:23
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RE: Multi lingual Gimp
Directory /usr/share/locale contains 130 languages. None of them can be used by my script.
Directory /usr/share/locale-langpack contains all kinds of English plus nl. All can be used by my script.
Directory /home/"my name"/-gimp2-6/share/locale is empty
Directory /opt/share/locale is also empty.

Isn't there a posibility to download the language files? I allready looked in Sourceforge but couldn't find some information. also gives no further info.
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Sep 10, 2011, 06:41
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RE: Multi lingual Gimp
Sorry for the long delay: it took some time to figure out how to compile Gimp.
I had no succes: babl and gegl didn't understand each other, Gtk+ had problems with babl and gegl, etc, etc.
After a lot of try-outs the desktop was froozen and the system became slow and more other problems.
I decided to do the yearly rebuild of my whole system instead of waiting till december. So I have a brandnew Ubuntu 10.04 TLS now and of course Gimp installed.

In the meantime I found the resolution for my problem:"shame, shame, shame, it is too simple:
- Click on "System" > "Administration" > "Language Support",
- Look if the desired language is in the table,
- if not: click on "Add or remove" and add the language.
That's all. After writing the executbale script: export LANG=fr_FR.UTF8
I could start Gimp in French.

Thank you for your support. Now I can continue the writing of a FAQ in and I'm happy everybody can have Gimp in all languages.
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