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Moving a bunch of things

Jun 8, 2014, 13:38
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Moving a bunch of things
So I just brought my first graphics tablet and installed gimp (2.8.10) a few days ago.
My practices have been going fine so far, but today I ran into a problem.

Example situation (drawing a human):
Eyes, hair and head outlines for example are on different layers (for easy manipulation) grouped under "head".

What I want to do:
Move the hair, eyes, etc. at the same time.
Moving them one at the time just won't work for me.

What I have already tried and the problems I am facing:

1. Linking all the layers and using move tool to move the layers
2. Clicking "head"-group and using move tool to move the layers
- The problem with these approaches:
Moving the layers (down for example) also brings down the layer's border. So I can't apply more hair to the "hair" layer (drawing over the layer border) even if I had just "made more room" by dragging the head downwards.

3. Using the selection tool to select the hair, the eyes, etc. and floating them and then moving the floated layer
- The problem with this approach:
I can only seem to be able to float a selection from one layer at the time, otherwise this would have done the trick for me.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!
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Jun 8, 2014, 16:59 (This post was last modified: Jun 8, 2014 21:34 by fluffybunny2.)
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RE: Moving a bunch of things
After doing 1. or 2. from above, Layer->Layer to Image Size might do what you need...
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Jun 8, 2014, 19:23
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RE: Moving a bunch of things
I think you are misinterpreting what happens in 2). Moving doesn't change the layer *size*, whether you are moving the layer as part of a group or individually. Having all your layers in a group and moving the group is the Right Thing To Do.

Of course, if you have a layer as wide as the canvas (says 100px wide in a 100px wide canvas) and you shift 20px to the side, then on one side you have 20px of the layer that fall outside of the canvas (so you don't see it), and on the other side you have a 20px margin between the edges of the layer and the canvas, and you can't paint there either (at least not on that layer).

A simple solution is to use Layer>Layer to image size. This will fill the margin so you will be able to paint on it. However this will also crop the part that lies outside the canvas so you could lose some of your existing painting.

Otherwise, nothing prevents you to use layers that are bigger than the canvas: you can give a bigger size when you create it, or later use Layer>Layer boundary size (you can position the current contents of the layer inside the new larger layer).

There is however one thing to keep in mind in that case: channels/masks are only defined on the canvas, and so are by definition cropped to the canvas. Side effect: usually, Select>None and Select>All are equivalent when it comes to painting(*), but this no longer true with layers that extend outside the canvas. With Select>None, the whole layer is painted (for instance a bucket-fill fills it completely), but with Select>All the selection is defined only on the canvas, so only the visible part is painted (a bucket-fill will only fill the part in the canvas).

(*) they are not equivalent for geometric transforms..

Now answering your questions on
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Jun 9, 2014, 03:33
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RE: Moving a bunch of things
Thank you for your answers!
You've been very helpful.

Case closed!
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