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Making Textures [Project Organic Spaceship]

Aug 15, 2013, 23:56
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Making Textures [Project Organic Spaceship]
I'm not going to lie to you, this is not something you can do without some creative vision. Personally, my creative visions come from the pills my doctor gives me to remain sane. I don't recommend taking pills otherwise. So this is my warning, don't do drugs and internet tutorials. They might not kill you, but the end result could make you wish you were dead.

Flat Textures

Scales are easy in the GIMP. I start with a reasonable size, 800x800 (any square) in this case. Edit --> Fill FG Color.
1. Ctrl+Shift+N (new transparent layer)
2. Filters --> Render --> Clouds --> Solid Noise... X=8.0 Y=8.0
3. Filters --> Distorts --> Mosaic... Tile Size=25

[Image: icyp.png]

Personal choice: Pick a gradient you like.
4. Colors --> Map --> Gradient Map

[Image: nke6.png]

5. Filters --> Noise --> HSV Noise... Saturation=200
6. Ctrl+M (merge layers) and I save as "green scales.png"

[Image: 1gf.png] [Image: cu4e.png]
-click images to see full scale-
Then I made purple as well using the Purples gradient. Step 5 makes the color less uniform and just more random and rough.

Metal Textures

[Image: y0yz.png]

1. Select your gradient here I did two "Golden" then "Cold Steel 2" for my second metal.

[Image: da8n.png]

2. For the gold metal gradient I started the Blend Tool (L) roughly 50 pixels from the top edge and dragged down to 50 pixels from the bottom edge.
3. Filters --> Noise --> HSV Noise... Saturation=120
4. Filters --> Distorts --> Wind... Threshold=0 Strength=10
5. Saved as "gold metal.png"
6. For Cold Steel 2, zoom out, Blend Tool (L) 100 pixels above the image to 100 pixels below the image.
7. Filters --> Noise --> HSV Noise... Saturation=120

[Image: mmfs.png]

8. Filters --> Distorts --> Wind... Threshold=0 Strength=20
9. Filters --> Distorts --> Wind... Threshold=0 Strength=20 switch left to right.
10. Saved as "steel.png"

[Image: qbub.png] [Image: atce.png]
-click images to see full scale-

"The problem with internet quotes is, that you can't always depend on their accuracy." -Abraham Lincoln, 1864

[Image: mhrd.png]
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