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Making a target with bullseye

Jul 6, 2013, 23:31
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Making a target with bullseye
Hi All-

I am new to GIMP and I am trying to make a target with a bullet hole on it. I am using the Ellipese tool. When I drag the box to the size of circle I want, I click away to make another one inside and the first one disappears. How do I make it stay....I feel like I need to hit the enter button. I am working with a transparent layer....if that matters.
TIA for your help.

p.s. I have tried to find the solution on the net, via youtube, etc....and no luck.

Thanks again for your help
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Jul 7, 2013, 02:57 (This post was last modified: Jul 7, 2013 03:31 by iForStyle007.)
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RE: Making a target with bullseye
First things first, you'll need two colors. Make two layers for your 2-base color. Make top layer "Transparency"
Layer > New Layer...
Start out with 640 x 480, you can crop with crop tool if its too big.

Pick your colors(the squares under the tool icons)
select the layer and "Edit > Fill with BG color..." or "Edit > Fill with FG color..."

Making the target rings
Ok then, select your top layer and click the "Ellipese tool"

1*From the very center, while holding "ctrl" + "shift"(this keeps it propotion) drag the circle to the size you want for the first ring.

2 You can move around the selection by dragging the middle if its off center.
Then hold "shift" and click drag another circle from the top-left inside of your existing circle to the bottom-left/right o the circle.

Ok this step can be a little tricky.
3 For the next circle towards the middle, hold just "ctrl" , the for the next circle hold just "shift"
Alternate ctrl & shift until you get to the smallest circle you like in the middle.

IMPORTANT: Don't use shift or control two times at a time your you will lose one of the selections, you need to cut out the selection (Think of how you make paper snowflakes, its kinda like that)

4 Play around with "Selection > Inverse" this is the final step to deleting the opposite rings
-Try first just to push delete and see how it looks
-Undo if you don't like, then "Selection > Inverse" then push delete.

-Flatten the image and make a new "transparency" layer so you don't destroy the target.
You'll put the bullet hole on the new layer(make sure its selected)

I'll update this post with 1 or 2 labeled pictures, but just so you can start on it, here Smile good luck!

Edit: K here are the picture/examples(click to view important details)
Going to go eat, if you have any questions about any step for me, ask away!! I'll be back Sunday(tomorrow) night.

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Jul 10, 2013, 13:15
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RE: Making a target with bullseye
Thank you so much for the help!! I appreciate it very much!!
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