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Making a Name Art with photo letters-help setting up

Dec 12, 2013, 00:36
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Making a Name Art with photo letters-help setting up
Hi All-

I want to make a Christmas present spelling out the last name using individual photos of letters (see below). I would like the finished image to be 16x20, and I am going to upload it and have it printed at a photo developing shop. I'm not sure how to set this up in GIMP. Here are some questions I haveā€¦..any help would greatly be appreciated.

When I set up my new file, how many pixels should I make the new image, if my desired size is 16x20. I'm not sure how many dpi to use when I convert the inches to pixels. I read that 300 dpi is desired.

I was thinking about making image boxes for each letter in one layer and cutting and pasting each letter into the boxes. Is this possible or do I need to make a new layer for each photo?

I hope I'm clear with my questions. Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated.

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Dec 12, 2013, 09:51
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RE: Making a Name Art with photo letters-help setting up
As well as the above

I get panoramas printed on 16"x20" paper, 2 panoramas + a border and some text. Photo paper, apart from the size, much better than I can ever print at home.

Some things to think about.
Canvas size.
At 300 dpi this is 4800 pix x 6000 pix. Not a problem. Use the advanced section and set up like this.
Note the message about file-in-memory size. If you have lots a apps running in the background, it pays to turn them off.

The letter images.
I would do some individual pre-processing for these. Chances are they are the wrong size and proportions. Get your calulator out. For your example each letter needs to be 1600 pix x 1500 pix.
Try and get as large an image as possible, scaling up will result in a fuzzy image. Don't try and scale say 100x100 to 1600x1500.
note; click on the link between width and height to "break" it, so you can change the image proportions.

Assembling the letters.
Use guidelines. No screenshot for this see:
In the Gimp view menu tick 'snap to guides'
I would open each letter one at a time using File -> Open as layers. Move each layer around with the move tool. Make it easy for yourself and select 'move active layer' in the tools dialog.

From that last screenshot the image in memory is already up to 295 MB. While you are assembling the image, save it frequently as you go along. Saving in xcf format saves the guides and layers if you need to leave and come back at a later date.
When it is completely finished. You can export as a jpg for the printer. For some reason my printer likes jpgs, not keen on tiff's, his machine hates png's and "What is a .xcf?"

good luck.

** now answering questions**
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