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Loading PythonFu Plugin: ImportError for .../python/ (GIMP 2.8.22/OSX/Py2.7.9)

Jul 11, 2017, 07:07 (This post was last modified: Jul 11, 2017 07:09 by joroek.)
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Loading PythonFu Plugin: ImportError for .../python/ (GIMP 2.8.22/OSX/Py2.7.9)
Hi Fellow Gimpers,

Im using GIMP 2.8.22 bundled for OSX with Python 2.7.9 installed alongside Python 3.5.2 since before. I start my plugins by pointing to the 2.7.9 version of python. OSX version is Sierra (10.12.5 (16F73)).

The manifested problem I'm having is that pythonfu plugins does not show up in the menu I selected in the register function. I think I've narrowed the problem down but got stuck and can't find a resource for how to solve it. (Or, possibly, I don't understand that it is the answer I am looking for... Undecided)

After some debugging and going through a few youtube videos on building python plugins for Gimp I copied an example made by Kota Weaver in a youtube tutorial ( but even before adding the actual logic, when he got his plug-in to show up in the selected menu, mine did not (around 3:00 into the tutorial).
I made sure there was no syntax-errors in the code by running the script from the command line. It resulted in the gimpfu import error since that package isn't loaded when run from outside gimp, but I've learned that syntax checking occurs before this step.
To get better error output I ran gimp from the command line (/Applications/ --verbose --console-messages) and got this error output when Gimp is loading:

Querying plug-in: '/Users/[REDACTED]/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins/'

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/[REDACTED]/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins/", line 3, in <module> from gimpfu import * File "/Applications/", line 76, in <module> import gimp

ImportError: dlopen(/Applications/, 2):
Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Resources/lib/libgimp-2.0.0.dylib
Referenced from: /Applications/ Reason: image not found

(GIMP-bin:44558): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: GIMP-bin: gimp_wire_read(): error Terminating plug-in: '/Users/[REDACTED]/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins/'

The thing that I wonder about here, and where I am stuck is the ImportError. Why is this, and how can I correct it? The files it cannot load are all in the right place.

Does anyone have any advice?

Kind regards, John
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Jul 11, 2017, 07:26
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RE: Loading PythonFu Plugin: ImportError for .../python/ (GIMP 2.8.22/OSX/Py2.7.9)
This forum has been dead for a long time. Nobody left here to answer questions.
Most folk moved to
Please ask there to get questions answered
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