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Layer mask frustration

Jul 29, 2011, 22:46
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Shocked Layer mask frustration
Ok. Just started on Gimp a few days ago, but I feel like I'm learning alot. But...I've run into a problem and can't find anything online about it. Here's the situation: I've edited a photo of my daughter with a layer mask (to take away the background from the original photo). Then, when I go to copy and paste it onto a background (opened onto a new project? File? Whatever), it will only copy the layer mask (which is a filled in white outline. Not at all what i need. lol). Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, and tell me the correct method for this?
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Jul 30, 2011, 02:10
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RE: Layer mask frustration
Thank you thank you thank you so much! Worked just like you said.
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Aug 7, 2011, 18:47
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RE: Layer mask frustration

I am having the same problem and I need a walk through of this:

I want to select a section of a photo with fuzzy select, rectangle tool or other and then create a layer with this selection. I am used to Photoshop where you highlight copy and paste layer and another layer is created with the selection in the layers dock.

Can you walk me through this process in GIMP? I have read your reply and a bunch of other sites as well but no luck as I think there is just one or maybe two small steps that I am missing that make it all work correctly.

Thank you

(Jul 29, 2011 23:15)ofnuts Wrote:  When you edit the layer mask Gimp edits... the layer mask so if your copy to the clipboard you are indeed copying the layer mask (*)... To copy the picture with the transparency, you have first to "finish" the layer mask editing and store the layer mask in the layer alpha channel: "Layer/Mask/Apply layer mask". This puts you directly in plain layer editing, where a clipboard copy will indeed copy the image.

Btw, to avoid the next frustration, when you paste things, tis creates a "floating selection" which is a temporary layer. You'll find that many actions are disabled while this "floating selection" is there. You have to make it permanent either by "anchoring" it to the active layer, or by creating a new layer (which will initialized with its contents).

(*) this also allows you, in the other direction, to paste things in the layer mask...
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Jul 28, 2012, 13:23
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RE: Layer mask frustration
(Aug 7, 2011 19:21)ofnuts Wrote:  I think you are mixing up two things:

1) the "layer mask" which is Gimp's way to edit the transparency of pixels in a layer without affecting the color channels

2) the "selection mask" which is how you tell Gimp which pixels should operated upon (in Gimp we talk only about the "selection", except when we edit it using the "quick mask" (I just gave an example of the "quick mask" in this thread:

To get a new layer with the selected part of another layer:

1) make a selection in the source layer (rectangle, quick mask, magic wand, lasso, whatever...)

2) Edit/copy or Ctrl-C

Then either:

3a) Edit/Paste as/New layer: usually a bad idea (the pasted layer goes in a corner)

3b) Edit/Paste (or Ctrl-V): You get a "floating selection" in the Layers stack (while the "lfoating selection" is up (ie not yet a permanent layer) many things get disabled in Gimp). Transform it into a permanent layer by creating a new layer form it: Layer/New layer or Ctrl-Shift-N.

This is what happens when people take a jump into jump without knowing how its tools function, Tongue , Vj-
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