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Is there a way to change 'draw' from left button?

Jan 22, 2011, 14:59
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Is there a way to change 'draw' from left button?

I'm new here and tried to search but didn't find anything regarding this problem..

My question: how can I draw in GIMP without constantly pressing the left mouse button? Is there a way to remap the left button to a key (for example to the CTRL or Caps Lock)?

(I've got a Genius Tablet what works perfectly but can't set the pressure sensitivity low enough to be comfortable (I have to push it a little harder than it would be good) and want to draw with it the way that I press a key on the keyboard instead of pushing it like a mad man..)
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Jan 22, 2011, 17:23
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RE: Is there a way to change 'draw' from left button?
(Jan 22, 2011 16:00)ofnuts Wrote:  Not as far as I know.

A decent tablet (I didn't even say good... ) should work with feather pressure (we assume it's is a real tablet and provides pressure information...) so either yours is broken or you aren't using it properly. If you want full opacity/size all the time when working with the tablet without pressure-induced changes, then edit the "brush dynamics" for the tool (pen , brush...)

Also check that your tablet appears as an "extended device" (or as several) in the "Edit/Preferences/input devices/configure extended input devices" dialog

My tablet is Genius G-Pen F610. I'm sure it has pressure sensitivity because I see thicker line when I push the pen harder. What I don't understand that when I set the pressure sensitivity in it's 'Pen Pad' program to something else nothing changes.. I can set to 0 or 8 but it's all the same Sad
In GIMP I found the tablet in the extended devices menu and if I change a setting it changes the behaviour of the pen but the name of the device is strange, only a handful of chinese characters (no my Windows is not chinese Smile ).
This pressure sensitivity is useable after all but.. not perfect :/
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