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Insanebump help

Jun 19, 2014, 23:03 (This post was last modified: Jun 19, 2014 23:05 by Veprovina.)
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Insanebump help

Usually insalling plugins so far has been pretty straightforward, but i'm really having trouble installing InsaneBump on linux and windows.

Is anyone familiar with the plugin and managed to get it working?
If so, i need help, especially for linux version. I have no idea where to put the files.

I have a .zip file InsaneBump version 2.5 containing following files:


The windows version of this plugin also has Irrlicht.dll file that goes into the bin directory in Gimp. Linux version of that zip file doesn't have it.

Now, the InsaneBump is supposed to go to /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins folder.

But the plugin doesn't load. It opens a window that's bugged and i can't see what's on it.
Where do the other files go?

In windows version i placed the files in every folder i could imagine, but when GIMP loads it just opens up a console saying can't load file <rocks> or the other files...

How do i install this plugin? I searched everywhere and i can't get any documentation or install notes anywhere, and it's driving me crazy.

Also, are there any other normalmap/specular/other generators for gimp? Linux specifically? If InsaneBump doesn't work.

What am i supposed to do? How do i install it? Where do i put all other files?
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