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I need more SPACE!

Aug 7, 2013, 20:46 (This post was last modified: Aug 8, 2013 18:55 by Wendy Black.)
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I need more SPACE!
This thread will be a 2 part tutorial on how to make space scenes with the GIMP.
[Image: o82x.png]

Let's suspend our geeky science knowledge about how the universe works and make some neat stuff our friends will say, "Kwel! Sweet!". I know a lot of sci-fi films my hubby watches holds no interest for me. But he has pointed out scientific errors in movies where they show the sun (star) in the background and the farside of the planet is daylight.

[Image: hellokittyemoticonnotic.gif]

I look at him and wonder how anyone can watch a movie and enjoy it if they can't suspend their disbelief?

SPACE - Part I
Today in this first part I am going to show you how to:
1. Make a star field
2. Create a Sun

[Image: 7ow.png]

1. I start with File --> New --> Set up a good size I worked with 800 by 600 because this is just a tutorial. And I filled it with the Foreground Color (Black).

2. Filters --> Noise --> HSV Noise...
Holdness = 2 (my default)
Hue=3 (my default)
Saturation=10 (my default)

3. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl+Shift+D) From the menu;
a) Layer --> Transparency --> Add Alpha Channel
b) Layer --> Scale Layer... change pixels to percent and 150%
c) Layer --> Transform --> Rotate 180 degrees.
d) Layer --> Layer to Image size
e) Colors --> Threshold.. lower 50 upper 200

4. Create a new transparent Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) Filters --> Render --> Clouds --> Plasma... (I left it default change it as you see fit)

5. Hide the top layer and work on the middle layer. Shift+O Bycolorselect and click once on any black space. Show the plasma cloud and return to the top layer. Use [Delete] to clear. Ctrl+Shift+A to Select None. You can now delete the middle layer and use the top layer.

6. This step is a bit of "taste" on your part. Obvisouly there are too many BIG colorful stars so I used the eraser to knock out the more dense clusters. I started with my eraser scale set to 10 and worked it down as I worked.

7. Create the Sun (star) Filters --> Light and Shadow --> Supernova...
X = 130 Y = 130
Color: Hex code = e3ffa8
Radius = 20
Spokes = 1
Random Hue = 0

Ok that should have you the back drop for our Lava Planet...

So look for "Lava Planet" coming soon!

I would do it all one and done but this forum is a real grammar nazi with the no editing posts after midnight.

Wow! Something has changed... thanks to whoever or whatever it was but this forum has done something... So I take back my crack about it being a grammar nazi. Heart
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Aug 8, 2013, 04:06
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RE: I need more SPACE!
That looks epic

[Image: 212d95h.png]
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Aug 8, 2013, 04:35
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RE: I need more SPACE!
Thanks Neiiley you are so kind.

I should have Part 2 up sometime tomorrow.
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