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Howdy / development

Oct 31, 2010, 18:06 (This post was last modified: Oct 31, 2010 18:08 by mickp.)
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Howdy / development
Hi all,

I chose to register with this forum because it looks like the website, whether affiliated or not.

I'm curious why there is not a development forum here. Also I'm curious about how development is coordinated. I don't see a Sourceforge project for GIMP, and is pretty minimalistic, though I've not tried to just write to the repository (I'm assuming it's not 'that' opensource of an effort)


PS: I'm interested in trying to get the antialias filter replaced with something better. What it actually does is not antialiasing, and the pseudo-aa algorithm deployed is about as simplistic as it gets. So anyway it just seems like GIMP could do a lot better at this point in its life cycle.

I don't actually need better AA for working with GIMP. I need it for my own software work, and since I/we rely on glib a lot, I naturally looked toward GIMP for some source code. And reckon anyway the GIMP development community would be a good place to gather input.

And if it becomes necessary to code something from scratch (I don't know if I personally have the wherewithall) I would definitely want to give back to GIMP/glib.

For what it's worth I have spoken with the author of the current antialias filter's source code.
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