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How to Move to NEXT or PREVIOUS photo in folder, to fix "Red Eye"??

Dec 20, 2010, 20:43
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How to Move to NEXT or PREVIOUS photo in folder, to fix "Red Eye"??
Hi, I am a new user of GIMP, first post here.
Amateur photographer, simple HP Mz67 camera, JPG files, Windows XP Pro OS.
I have a folder of about 300 JPG photos to view & edit many individually for "Red Eye".

Question 1
In GIMP, when viewing a photo. how can I simply move (after saving) to "NEXT" or "PREVIOUS" photo file in the folder to view & edit the next one?
I expected there would be simple commands, and/or <- or -> arrows, for this, similar to most viewer programs, ie BBPro, but I can't anything like this in GIMP.
Maybe I've overlooked something obvious?
With many photos to edit, It is a huge PITA, painly slow & tedious, , to have to OPEN each photo in turn via FILE>OPEN>OPEN IMAGE, one at a time to get to the next photo.
There must be an easier way!
I searched through GIMP HELP, this forum, and some on web, but have not yet found any info. on this. I am surprized as I thought moving to the Next file would be a commonly used function/tool in GIMP.
Maybe i haven't looked in the right place?

Or is there maybe a plug-in for this??
I did find & install DBP (David's Batch Processor) 1.1.9 which I used to batch Adjust for Auto Levels, which worked fine for that.

But fixing "Red Eye" is one photo and one eyeball at a time.
Which leads to Question 2 which I have to at least ask;
Is there any decent methods out there to "automate" fixing "Red Eye" in many files?
I can understand why there may not be such a thing though, and how a "one button fix" for "Red Eye" would likley be too "blunt" to really work properly.

Thank you for any help or advice on these 2 questions!
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Dec 20, 2010, 21:13
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RE: How to Move to NEXT or PREVIOUS photo in folder, to fix "Red Eye"??
First answer... Gimp isn't a picture management program, it's a picture editor. Of course it could be both, but the authors have made the choice to spend time on image editing power rather than file management (which can in turn to be a pain if you want to support several platforms anyway). So you won't find "next" and "previous". Most people don't miss them because opening a file is negligible compared to the total time spent working on it. The best Gimp will do is to start the open dialog in the last used directory. You can also ask your picture manager to open files in Gimp (and many pictures managers have their own tool for red-eye removal).

Second answer: Filters/Enhance/Red eye removal. Like most filters, it can likely be used in a batch call (I've never used that, though)

Now answering your questions on
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