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how to do this...

Mar 5, 2011, 00:49
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how to do this...
hi guys,

...i need to create an image (6" long x 3" high) - the images i attach are to be a pseudo transparent background (i will add text in the right places if possible) - basically, i am trying to create a design for checks...attached are the original image - and where i would like to change the image (verbiage)...i am not looking for someone to do this for me - i would love to know how to use gimp to do this...thanks,

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Mar 5, 2011, 01:39
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RE: how to do this...
To make something that looks adequate, you need to make an image that has 150 true pixels per inch, so you must start with an image that is at least 450x900 real pixels. The images you have attached are badly upscaled by a 3x ratio, so they are really 124x359. You won't get anywhere with that. So either you find much better bitmap images to start with, or you find vector images (SVG or EPS format) that can be rescaled at will without looking blocky. For instance you can play with the Saints logo in SVG format: Unfortunately I couldn't find a superdome logo in the same format, or in a decent size. If you are really desperate, you can take your small original images and run them through software that will produce an equivalent vector graphics image that you can then upscale. From memory there are sites that perform this online (

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