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How do I delete GIMP edited photos from my computer?

Sep 3, 2013, 23:01
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Question How do I delete GIMP edited photos from my computer?
It seems as though I hit a bit of a rut.

I edited some photos today using GIMP 2.8.
I am now unable to delete the edited photos, rename the edited photos, or move the edited photos to another folder. Basically, they are stuck in their spot. I'm not even able to pull up the "Properties" selection from right-clicking the edited photo.
I tried to open them using IrfanView, but when I go to delete the photo using that program, it makes it not respond.
I can open the photo up in Paint, save it as a different format, and delete it - but the original edited photo is still there.

How can I move and delete edited photos? I've never ran into this problem in all the years I've been using GIMP.
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Sep 4, 2013, 16:29
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RE: How do I delete GIMP edited photos from my computer?
You have similar posts in other forums, but FWIW

Using windows, and I stopped using M$ seriously a few years ago, sometimes I got a file that did not delete.

One cause is as previous post, the file is in use by some other application. right-click in the tool bar, start up task manager, see what is running.

If you only suspend your computer, rather than reboot, it might be worth shutting down properly and see if that works.

Sometimes the cause is an invalid filename. Something with 'illegal characters' maybe foreign or too many characters or...

Sometimes just renaming these works, other times a start up in 'safe-mode' and delete or rename works
Sometimes in desperation, a boot from a linux recovery cd then a search and delete works. This one needs a little expertise.

A search brings up scores of similar stories for all sorts of applications. Often quoted the solution is an application called 'unlocker'.

Never used it but a link to a reliable site that has a couple of these utilities

Lots of 'ifs' and 'sometimes' here but without knowing more about your system difficult to give advice.

** now answering questions**
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