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How can I create a painted look?

Jul 2, 2012, 04:59
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How can I create a painted look?
I want to create some strokes and effects that look like painting.
Here's a good sample of what I want to do:
or this:

Notice when he strokes across the screen, he doesn't get one single color. Each stroke is slightly different, and I'm not sure because of the sped-up video, but some strokes look like they change whenever he makes a dramatic change in direction. But when I use a normal paintbrush effect in GIMP, and really, pretty much any program, I only get a solid color. If I try to place several strokes, they will all be one single color.

And the final product has a lot of paint effect to it, there's a lot of subtle color blobbing into itself, subtle variation... Some of the strokes look like they could have dragged some of the wet paint withe the brush, or mized the paints a little that hadn't dried fully. But this is a digital creation, and effects like that would have to be simulated. But GIMP simply puts a direct color where you paint, so I couldn't create things like that without changing the color every stroke.

Now I do know that I have some brush dynamics, but they don't seem to offer the kind of control I need. I can set the color to change according to, say the pressure of my pen, but it only blends between my foreground and background colors, and I just don't quite have the proper effect in control. If the colors are too different then the slightest unintentional change in pressure changes the outcome too much. If they are close together, then I have to wildly flail my pen around to get any desirable difference in color.

Here's a few other images from deviantart that showcase some incredible paint-like technique.
This one has a background that looks very watercolor. I can conceive of creating a similar effect with some partially opaque brushes, but then each individual stroke you make shows up. and you have some stroke that come in more opaque than others. I could tie in the opacity of the brush to my pen's pressure, but still I would have to get everything painting with one single stroke, change colors and brushes nearly every stroke, and so forth.
This one really shows variations between strokes. We have some few strokes that have a strong individual color, and others used in the same part that have bled into the colors surrounding it, just like an actual paintbrush that dries out and loses paint as it is stroked onto canvas.

I want to add some backgrounds to images I have drawn, and I want them to look painted. Just quick and simple backgrounds; the focus will be on the drawn image. But when I try to "paint" my backgrounds they are solid colors. It doesn't work the way I had intended. I want them to look like quick painted backgrounds.
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