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Apr 27, 2012, 07:04
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Hello everyone.
Where to start?
Well this is my second attempt to learn how to use GIMP/any photo manipulation software. The first time I tried a few years ago I suffered from the male condition of not reading the manual, Tried to edit some photos got frustrated and deleted it off my system. And stuck to tidying up pictures with Microsoft Photo editor.
At the moment I'm on a Digital Storytelling Course, and we were shown the basics of how to use GIMP by the Instructor.
A few minutes of hands on instruction was all I needed to realise what I had been missing. I came home and played around with some photos.
Now I need to learn more.
At my fingertips is a fairly decent Laptop and all I end up using it for is messing around on FB, its become a £350 device for procrastiniating on.
So I'm here to learn, to ask stupid questions, and then to contribute.
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