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Help needed to resize comic strip

Oct 29, 2010, 23:01
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Help needed to resize comic strip
I created this comic strip in GIMP and stitched it together in Inksccape.But I am having problems resizing it to the correct resolution so that it can be posted on my blog/web page.On resizing to a smaller size the image loses its sharpness ( i tried playing around with the sharpness/contrast settings etc) and the text becomes unreadable.

I dont want people to use the scroll bars to view the oversized image once they click on itSmile .The image is currently saved as a png.Would ti be a better idea ot resize it in Inkscape? I have reached the stage where its taken me more time to fiddle with the image than create it in hte first place.

any help is appreciated.
i couldnt attach the file as its 1mb but here is the link to my blog where the image is saved ( theres only one strip there rightnow)
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Oct 30, 2010, 09:42
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RE: Help needed to resize comic strip
(Oct 30, 2010 00:30)ofnuts Wrote:  This is unavoidable given your original, in which the thickness of most strokes (text and drawing) is around one pixel already. When you resize it for the web, you scale it to something around 25% of the original, so the thickness drops to one quarter of a pixel. With plain basic scaling you would get nothing at all, and the evolved algorithms give you gray lines. Before scaling your stroke width should be at least 4 pixels.

I'm not too familiar with Inkscape but I believe it can scale down the image without narrowing the stroke. However this means that the appearance of your drawing won't be what you had in mind (but then that's already the case). Drawing for the web has its constraints.

fnuts many thanks for your reply.So does that mean when I ink the drawing in gimp the stroke width has to be 4 pixels at least?
i did the drawing by hand,scanned it and cleaned it in gimp.i only inked very few parts of the strip in gimp.
am i missing some steps above?
thanks for your patience.
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