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Hello from Canada

Oct 27, 2017, 21:36
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Hello from Canada
for many years i used Windows PC and purchased Adobe PS after taking a course in it. I became pretty good at using it. couple years ago i am fully Mac user now.

i am looking for a FREE photo editing software to do some specific things that many of the ones out there will not do.

Adobe PS on Windows...i would erase something out of the image and replace it with something personal either image or text. could replace all or part of background with another one. of course, size and color adjustments too. could adjust shapes and make text all sorts of wavy or odd swirls. AND a whole bunch of other things i cannot remember now.

Not sure if GIMP will do some of it is noted for being a Adobe PS alternative to Mac.

i have attached an image which I want to edit to my liking. i would like to remove the parent and baby bird and replace with small images of family. and possibly enter their names if room.

its going to be a christmas gift to my niece.....

any comments from the gang?

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Oct 28, 2017, 06:40
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RE: Hello from Canada
This forum is DEAD !

Please ask at
Folk who were here have moved to that forum
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