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Heightmaps smudging and bluring

Mar 31, 2012, 00:21
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Heightmaps smudging and bluring
I've very new to Gimp so if any of my termonology is wrong, please forgive me. I'm working with NASA's .img files creating 8 bit greyscale heightmaps in .bmp form. Problem is the images have lines running through them. I can't use these heightmaps until I can remove them. Heres the unaltered heightmap:[Image: LDEM_875N_5M.jpg?t=1333152726]
and this shows its stitching lines:[Image: contours.jpg?t=1333152863]
and this is it placed into the unity engine:[Image: noisyMoon.jpg?t=1333152988]

What I need is a process to get rid of the lines altogether. Since I am a bit new at it all, I don't know where to begin. the second image was obtained from a friend using photoshop. Any Suggestions?
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